Often, farmers are now choosing to obtainPoultry products are such kind of poultry as geese. In general, this is justified: this bird is much larger than the chickens, the mass of its eggs is also higher. Demand for meat rises, and since it is not yet widely spread, competition is still small. All this in aggregate makes it possible to consider breeding geese a fairly lucrative business.

what to feed the goslings
However, in order to obtain a meat or eggproducts with the benefit of farming, you need to know and be able to do some things. One of the main components of success is the organization of feeding young animals. What to feed the goslings? Let us consider in detail the ration of the chicks, as well as their feeding regimen. After all, the latter also plays a significant role in achieving success. The farmer who bought a brood of chicks is primarily concerned with the question: "What to feed the small goslings?" Like chickens, such babies are sensitive to the composition of food and the frequency of feeding.

What to feed the goslings that have just hatched,and when can this be done? As for the answer to the last question, then everything is very simple: feeding is carried out immediately, as soon as the kids dry out. Now about the diet and diet. The frequency of feeding 1-3 hour long goslings is six to seven times a day.

than feed the geese
From three weeks the number of feedings is four,When the kids turn month, you can reduce the number of feedings to three. From the age of two months, youngsters can be transferred to the pedestrian maintenance with additional fertilizer concentrates once a day in the evenings.

What to feed the goslings, what products to use? This boiled eggs in a mixture with crushed grain, bran, finely chopped greens, carrots grated, fresh cottage cheese, soaked peas. The weakened chicks are added milk mixed with yolk, a small amount of sugar and an antibiotic on the tip of the knife. From three weeks the bird is fed with wet friable mash. Boiled potatoes, cakes can be given from the 4th day. Must be seashells, chalk, small gravel in the availability of young animals.

Features of feeding: it is necessary to thoroughly clean the feeding troughs, to prevent stagnation and souring of food, drinkers should be such that the chicks can rinse the nasal openings. It is necessary to watch, so that the body of the bird does not get wet. Water should always be, potassium permanganate is added to it from a week and a half. Already from the week of age it is possible to produce goslings on a green paddock for half an hour, then the time increases. Water paddock from the same age favorably influences the development of the bird.

than feed the little goslings

What to feed the geese of adults? For the breeding herd, high-calorie and nutritious diets are developed. Necessarily high content of protein, easily digestible carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Gosses are given beets and potatoes, legumes, meat-bone flour, shmykhs and meals, grain feeds in the form of mixed fodders. Of the minerals, special attention is paid to calcium, sodium and phosphorus.

What to feed the goslings for fattening? Concentrates (grains), food waste and greens. They take the poultry for meat at the age of 4-5 months, intensive fattening at the same time begin two weeks before the deadline. For home use, they often feed up to 60-70 days.

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