Goose meat is a valuable and useful productfood, which has excellent taste qualities. It is for this reason that many owners of country houses, not to mention rural residents, prefer to engage in such an exciting business as growing goslings at home. In addition, this occupation can become a very profitable type of business with the right approach to it, since in just two months the goose gains about 4 kilograms in weight.

growing goslings at home

Growing goslings at home involves ensuring proper care for the bird, while it is necessary to systematically monitor its health and give only high-quality varieties of feed.

Slightly grown geese must bepasture, where there is an abundance of grass. So you can reduce the cost of fertilizing. At the same time a goose should receive about 50 to 75 grams of concentrates a day. Such a norm is considered optimal for the bird to properly gain weight.

At the same time, the goose is unpretentious to the conditions of feeding and maintenance, while possessing a sufficiently high immunity to various diseases.

Growing goslings at home provides for mandatory use for poultry dry litter. This is done in order to protect the paws from severe frosts.

Goose brood immediately placed in a warm,well-lit room, which must be thoroughly washed and whitewashed in advance. As a litter, as a rule, wood sawdust or small shavings are used.

cultivation of geese for meat

Growing goslings at home is possible andwithout a goose, in this case the brood receives heat from a standard rubber hot water bottle. Once the gosling is three weeks old, it can be cleaned. Birds should also receive clean fresh water.

To accelerate the process of gaining weight, in the dietFeeding the goose is supplemented with quality fertilizing. From cereals, experts do not recommend giving rye, because it affects the quality of fat.

Cultivation of geese for meat should be fullyexclude the use of counterfeit feed additives. Qualitative top dressing for the above poultry should be packed in an opaque polymer film, only the trace elements and minerals contained in it retain their useful properties. Do not forget to pay attention to the date of manufacture of the product, do not buy food by weight, it is very likely that you will sell under the guise of the product you need, some kind of analog.

growing geese

Competent cultivation of geese also involvesadding to the diet of these poultry vegetable protein components, which are abundant in sorrel, nettle, yarrow, pea. It is also recommended to enrich the daily diet of geese with fish meal, cottage cheese, fish fry, milk. At the same time, grass is the basis of nutrition.

Using the above tips, you canit is essential to succeed in breeding geese at home, so there will always be fresh meat on your table. In addition, you can seriously strengthen your family budget.

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