Garden strawberry - very tasty and usefula berry that is in great demand. Cultivation of this culture is a very profitable business. Even with a small plot with proper care, you can harvest a good harvest of excellent berries, some of which can be sold on the market.

Beds for strawberries

Strawberries are a laborious berry crop. It will require the horticulturist to have certain skills and knowledge, without which to not get good harvests. Strawberries are equipped with special methods. The plant is photophilous, does not tolerate waterlogging. Therefore, when choosing a site for strawberries must take into account these features.

Strawberries for their own hands do not preparecomplicated. You can use one of the existing methods for this. Modern methods of forming beds for strawberries allow to solve the problems arising in the cultivation of this fastidious garden culture. One of them is the use of agrofiber.

Strawberry beds

Before starting the formation of a strawberry bed, you must purchase the necessary materials. You will need agrofibre, wire or metal studs to fix it.

Under this culture, well-litsections of the garden. Make markings for beds for strawberries, the shape and size of which can be different, but one of its sides should equal the width of the agrofiber. After the place under the culture is determined, the site is digged and crooked by rakes.

Now comes the most crucial momentforming beds for strawberries. The agglomerate is divided into strips corresponding to the size of the markup. They are laid on prepared soil and fixed with metal staples. Splices of agricultural fibers are lapped with a gap of 20 centimeters. The edges and corners of the floor are fixed with paving slabs or stones. For the convenience of plant care and harvesting, the strawberry beds are located at a distance of 30 centimeters from each other.

Now you can start planting seedlings. Usually the planting is planned for the spring period. A row under a strawberry is marked under the planting of bushes. In certain places, sharp incisions are made in the agglomerates. In this place planting plants. Pay attention to the fact that the point of growth is not deepened under the soil. The corners of the agglomerates are wrapped in place on the site of the bush. Thus plant all the planting material, which should fill all the beds for strawberries. The seedlings are watered individually. The strawberry bed is ready.

Strawberries for own hands

Formed in this way beds for strawberriesvery convenient for care. They eliminate the appearance of weeds, facilitate the removal of mustaches and harvesting. Care for these plantings is a regular watering and fertilization. Strawberry does not tolerate overmoistening. Watering is performed several times a week. In rainy and cool weather, watering is reduced. Strawberry is fertilized with this method of growing a solution of special complex fertilizers. When applying granulated fertilizing, they are evenly scattered throughout the garden. In the autumn period, beds for strawberries are filled with mustaches formed over the summer. They are removed and used as seedlings for new plantings.

Beds for strawberries

As a preventive measure, they also removepart of the foliage of plants. Ripened berries are practically not contaminated. Harvesting is quite simple. The use of agrofiber not only facilitates the care of labor-intensive garden crops, but also contributes to the production of good yields without losses.

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