What will not the inventivelovers, truck farmers. The irrepressible desire to plant as much plant as possible on a tiny plot of land leads to original solutions. One such is the cultivation of strawberries in a barrel. This design can stand not only in the suburban area, but also on the balcony of the city apartment. In addition to the practical purpose of obtaining berries, such a "garden bed" will also delight the eye with its beauty.

Ways to grow strawberries

Sweet, all favorite strawberries grow on almost every dacha or garden plot. Grow it in greenhouses and on the open ground.

growing strawberries in a barrel

Always want to get a good harvest, a lotberries, to fresh food, and for winter to prepare. To optimize the use of useful space, the most unexpected solutions are being invented for the organization of beds. Growing strawberries in a barrel has already firmly established itself in the dachas of Russians.

But this is not the most exotic method. There are even more original options: for example, growing strawberries in a pipe. The location of the pipe itself can be vertical and horizontal. An excellent option that allows you to save a lot of space, and in some cases (horizontally suspended pipe) does not take up any fertile soil or place on the site.

In a barrel

Growing strawberries in a barrel is convenient and practical. To do this, use a variety of barrels in volume. It is not recommended to use containers containing chemicals or fuels and lubricants.

The system is simple: in the barrel, make a few holes with a diameter of not more than 5 cm and at a distance of 20 cm from each other. Usually in staggered order. From the bottom it is necessary to retreat centimeters 20 and make a drain so that the water can leave. Strawberry bushes are planted in the holes.

For irrigation inside the barrel, a tube with many small holes is inserted in the center. The plug from below does not allow water to flow out, it under the pressure of its own weight gradually moistens the soil.

Care for strawberries is the same as in the usual cultivation: watering, pest treatment, harvesting.

In the pipes

Growing strawberries in a pipe allowssignificantly increase the total plantation area under the culture. Horizontally, the pipes can be arranged in several rows and tiers. The vertical variant, except for that which will yield, will help to make a picturesque and unusual hedge.

growing strawberries in a pipe

When equipping such "beds" it is necessaryshould take into account the love of strawberries to the sun and poor tolerance of draft breezes. Bury the pipe will be at least 35 cm, be sure to provide a watering system, it is about the same as in the barrel.

In the boxes

There is another option - strawberries in boxes. Growing practically does not differ from ordinary beds. You can make several tiers of very different shapes: from the usual steps to the pyramid, as far as imagination and hand skills are enough.

Such "beds" can be installed anywhere in the suburban area or placed on the walls of outbuildings. Multi-tiered structures will allow you to collect a larger crop from a smaller area.

strawberries in boxes growing

It is quite a real option, when on urbanbalconies growing strawberries in boxes. Cultivation is not burdensome, quite possible for any hostess. On the wall, you can strengthen several rows of small boxes, it is better if it is the southern side of the house.


Growing strawberries in horizontal pipes has its positive aspects:

  • berries do not come into contact with the soil, accordingly, less susceptible to decay, they do not need to be freed from parts of the earth;
  • takes up little space, 1 m2 You can freely place up to 100 bushes, and not up to 15, as on a normal bed;

growing strawberries in the soil [1],

  • high productivity with 1 m2 - up to 10 kg (for comparison: on the ground, remove up to 2 kg);
  • small rodents and pests can not reach the crop;
  • since the "beds" are located above the ground, there is no need to constantly bend down to harvest berries or their processing;
  • In the closed ground do not fall seeds of various weed plants;
  • such plantations do not need to weed;
  • except for practical tasks, such plantations bear and aesthetic load, especially if you put such pipes, wrapped in greens, along the fence.


But not everything is so cloudless and simple. As in any case, here are some nuances. Growing strawberries in a pipe requires solving the following problems:

  • Strawberry bushes need to be fed at least once a week;
  • the soil in vertical pipes and a barrel quickly dries up, watering is done every 3-5 days;
  • initially vertical "beds" need to be made mobile and for winter time to remove them in a warmer place, wrapping does not save you from the complete freezing of the soil;
  • as practice shows, strawberries can be grown in a barrel for one year, then they will have to plant new seedlings;
  • Wooden barrels are short-lived and quickly decay.
    growing strawberries in horizontal pipes

There is one more minus, which significantly affectson productivity of culture. Growing strawberries in a barrel indicates that the lower bushes are rotting from an excess of moisture. The upper, on the contrary, suffer from its lack. An even yield is obtained from bushes located in the middle part of the structure.

Growing strawberries in the ground allows everyonegardener choose from a huge variety of varieties. The main thing is that they should be zoned to a certain climatic zone. You can pick a variety for both a greenhouse and open ground.

Growing strawberries in a barrel requires morecareful approach to the selection of berries. The best option will be varieties of repair strawberries. They are more resistant to unfavorable conditions and get better.

The best grades are those like Albion, Lubava, Queen Elizabeth, Giantella Maxi, Corona, Kimberly, Brighton and others. Very suitable for this method of cultivation and winding strawberries.

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