It is difficult to imagine the subject of household utensils,which would be used in the household more often than the knife. Without this instrument it is impossible to prepare a full breakfast or lunch, but there can be no talk of a festive dinner. Everyone who loves and knows how to cook knows that it is impossible to overestimate the value of a good knife. Therefore, today a quality tool can be found in many kitchens.

Professional knives for cutting meat are not beckoningonly chefs of expensive restaurants. Despite the high price, they are popular among amateurs. High cost is fully justified by quality, and for durability, good knives are much superior to budget analogues.

professional knives for cutting meat

Our article will tell you about their features and help you choose the best option for your kitchen.


Meat knives are presented in several variants andare designed for different purposes. Along with highly specialized there are universals with which you can perform a variety of manipulations. Which option is preferable? If the budget allows, and also there is a skill of use and desire, it is better to prefer a set of several subjects. But one quality knife in able hands can do wonders. In any case, the choice is yours.

And to make it easier for you to decide, see the list of the most common options.

  • The cutter's knife for cutting meat is short and the blade is bent at the handle. With the help of such a tool it is convenient to separate meat from bones, remove tendons.
  • The loin knife is thin and flexible. This allows you to cope with pieces of irregular shape, cut the fillets into thin pieces. You can also use the tool for cutting fish: with its help it will be possible to easily separate strips of fillets from the spine.
  • The knife-cutter is a convenient small hatchet, very convenient to use. With his help, you can, for example, to cut the bird carcass into portions, cutting the joints and bones.

boning knives for cutting meat

  • The knife for slices is intended for cutting ham, boiled pork, balyk. On the blade are small holes, due to which the cut pieces do not stick to the knife and are thin.


There is one more variety, but it is so different from the previous ones that it makes sense to talk about an electric knife for cutting meat separately.

This device is so powerful that with its help you can cut even frozen meat. It will cope with bones, but not too large, for example, turkeys.

Most models work on a battery or regular AA batteries, and some of them are also equipped with an option of direct power supply from the network.

electric cutting knife

The meat electrode can also be usedfor cutting fish, vegetables, fruits, cheese. Devices are designed in such a way that the handle fits comfortably in the hand. The weight of the electron-knife is small - 200-300 g.

What are the knives for meat made of?

For a long time, the best professional knives forCuttings of meat were made from stainless steel. This metal is durable, resistant to mechanical damage. Steel knives perfectly hold the sharpener and have a long shelf life.

Modern manufacturers offer one moreAn unusual option - ceramic knives. They are unusually sharp, so you should not forget about safety when working. But over time, such a tool becomes dull, and you can not sharpen it. Cutting with a knife meat on a wooden or ceramic plate is undesirable, you need a silicone substrate. Another drawback is fragility: if the knife is dropped, it will deteriorate.

shape of a meat cutting knife

These are not all options. If you have a great desire and sufficient funds, you can order a knife from the master. Forged handmade tools are made of steel. The shape of the knife for cutting meat can be as you wish.

How to choose the best?

If you are planning to purchase a professional cutting knife, trust the proven manufacturers. The best among the ceramic are Japanese knives.

Knives made of carbon steel are short-lived. Stainless steel is much more practical. Some manufacturers cover the blade with Teflon - this extends the service life.

Before buying, consider the blade: it should not be chipped and uneven.

The handle must have a non-slip coating, it is convenient to lie down in the hand. If the knife is too light, you will have to apply a lot more force when cutting.

Storage and Care

An excellent option will be a special stand,in which it is possible to place kitchen cutting accessories as conveniently as possible. In addition, the look of this composition will be aesthetically pleasing and fit perfectly into the interior of modern cuisine.

Ceramic tools can not be stored together with steel - this will lead to chips and dilapidation.

After working with meat, absolutely any knife should be washed immediately. Long-term storage of dirty tools, especially in water, is unacceptable.

Do not forget that professional knives forCutting meat should only be washed by hand, and then immediately wipe with a dry towel. Using the dishwasher can damage the tools. With due care, a good knife can serve faithfully for more than a year.

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