Hemorrhoids are the most common disease associated withwith a little active way of life. It's no secret that the disease occurs most often with sedentary work, and this is performed by a significant part of the world's population. Hemorrhoids can be a significant problem in pregnant women, especially in recent months of bearing the fetus. Therefore, the best remedy for hemorrhoids is timely prevention.

The first to suffer from an accountant's hemorrhoids,system administrators, cashiers and other people who are forced most of the time to limit themselves in motion. Because of this in the organs of the small pelvis, blood stagnates, there is an increase in pressure in the vessels, which provokes their damage. Hence the direct complication is hemorrhoids.

The causes that cause hemorrhoids are notonly in a sedentary way of life. Provokes gemoroy and excessive body weight, alcohol abuse, permanent constipation or vice versa, indigestion, anal sex, excessive physical activity, diseases in the rectum.

To know how to quickly cure hemorrhoids, you needfirst of all, draw your attention to the symptoms of this disease as soon as possible and not miss them. Patients feel burning and itching in the anus, which can initially lead them to the thought of helminthic invasion. The next symptom, more threatening, is a sharp pain during defecation. It arises from the violation of the integrity of the skin in the pulp cavity. From this shallow crack begins to secrete blood. Bleeding can be of different strength - both from the allocation of a few drops, and a trickle of blood with damage to deep large vessels. And if the ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids can help at the stage of cracks, then a course of candles will be needed, which will act deeper, at the level of the affected vessels.

If the patient starts hemorrhage at this stage, thenin the future, inflamed vessels will increase in size, with defecation part of the rectum will be turned out, and part may be pinched with falling out. This not only leads to stagnation of blood in the strangulated area, but also to the subsequent necrosis of the tissues. In this case, the best remedy for hemorrhoids will be just an operation, which, of course, patients want to avoid.

People who are diagnosed with hemorrhoids feelquite serious troubles - this is a constant pain in the anus, a feeling of heaviness, a sharp pain in defecation, the inability to sit down normally after a toilet, tenderness when walking. Therefore at this stage already hemorrhoids are not tolerated, but go to the doctor-proctologist, who is dealing with this issue. It is the doctor who selects the best remedy for hemorrhoids, which is most effective at a certain stage of the disease. As a rule, if there are only cracks and small bleedings, then an ointment or a candle is prescribed, which not only relieves pain, but also helps to heal wounds more quickly in the pulp zone. After a few days of the procedure, patients notice significant relief from defecation. In addition, the candles have a hemostatic effect. They contain oils that, even when the candles are melted, continue to act in the rectum. With the successful application of the course of therapy about hemorrhoids can be forgotten for a long time. However, people who have already encountered this problem at least once must remember that the disease can recur. In order not to become a victim of hemorrhoids again, it is worth changing your attitude towards work, making it as active as possible. Even with sedentary work, you can find an excuse to walk for at least ten minutes per hour. And in European countries, this practice (15 minus an hour - a break for walking, 45 minutes for sedentary work) is fixed in the corporate charter of many companies. In addition, it is necessary to put in order food, every day to eat the first dishes, do not provoke constipation with food dry, eat more fiber, it is especially rich in vegetables. Proper prevention is the best remedy for hemorrhoids and not only.

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