It is unlikely that a girl can call herfigure corresponding to modern model ideals. However, we will not build everything in the absolute. It is necessary to love yourself, notwithstanding even the presence of any physical imperfections. One of the most common shortcomings, which sometimes brings even the most striking and spectacular women to chagrin, is the difference in size between the right and left breasts. It can be either very insignificant or quite noticeable visually. Why do some ladies have one breast bigger than the other? Is this normal? Are there ways to eliminate this feature of the body? We will answer all these questions in order.

So, because of what did one bust girl grow upevenly, and the other breast of different sizes? The thing is that the mammary glands in the process of turning a girl into a woman are formed separately. Yes, you are not mistaken, the breast is not one body, but two. And they grow each in their own way, independently of each other. Why then do some busts have no differences? In fact, they are, just sometimes quite insignificant and invisible to the eye.

However, quite often the girls complain thatat first everything was "normal", and then it turned out, for example, that the left breast is bigger than the right one. If we consider such a change in the body from a negative point of view, then this process can symbolize serious hormonal problems. If this also touched you, then for your own peace of mind, take the time to visit a specialist mammologist. He will probably prescribe several blood tests for hormones, and also check the chest for the presence of seals and neoplasms. In general, such a doctor should be visited regularly (at least once every six months) in time to identify signs of development in the body of serious diseases.

Why after milking the baby it turned outso that one breast is bigger than the other? This question often does not give rest to young mothers who suddenly noticed similar changes in their figure. Indeed, during feeding the gland sometimes swell very unevenly. It depends on how much milk comes to each of them. If one breast produces a product more or the baby prefers to eat from the left and not from the right (or vice versa) for some reason, it is quite possible that as a result, the difference will become very significant. Is it possible to somehow prevent this? Of course, most of the time a child can not be forced to change their tastes. But to develop a habit of eating from both breasts is quite possible. To do this, it is enough to offer him different each time.

In the end, after stopping feeding, do notit turned out that you have one breast bigger than the other, carefully monitor the volume of milk. Carefully massage the glands according to special schemes that you can recommend to specialists. Be sure to knead hard lumps, so that the milk does not stagnate. These simple tricks will help you avoid in the future not only the appearance of differences in breast size, but also the mass of other problems like mastopathy.

If you have one breast bigger than the other and this factdoes not give rest, there are several ways to change the volume of the bust. The simplest, but at the same time the most dangerous and costly is the plastic surgery. The surgeon may well adjust the breast size to the desired result. However, it is always worth remembering the consequences of this kind of interference in your body. There is another option - a set of special physical exercises. It will help you in time to increase the tone of the pectoral muscles, as a result of which the bust will become the same size. However, if the difference between the right and left breast is not so significant, it is worthwhile once again to think about whether it is necessary to take any action at all. After all, every woman is unique. Let it be your little piquant spice.

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