Every woman who gives birth to a child will alwaysremember the moment when she first took the baby in her hands and heard his wetting when applying to the chest. Mother's milk has always been and will be the most valuable food for him. But the baby is growing, so you need to introduce another food into your diet. When it is necessary to minimize the production of milk, a problem arises as to how to tighten the breast.

how to draw a breast

But such a procedure is not inevitablenecessity. There are other very acceptable ways to reduce the amount of milk in the chest. First of all, begin to reduce the number of baby's attachments to it. Since he is already offered another baby food, he will calmly transfer the temporary absence of breast milk. The result of this will be that the amount of milk in the breast will begin to decrease, and in case of accumulation it will need to be accurately expressed. This is done until the body becomes clear that the process of producing milk for the baby must be stopped.

Not always in the solution of this question, everything is sosafely. Some of the mothers still have to face the problem of how to tighten the chest. In addition, there are situations associated with the fact that young children are simply lazy or refuse to suck mother's milk, and attempts to force it to do so forcefully lead to frequent regurgitation.

The most famous way, how to pull the chest,tested and reliable, but not always safe. Before applying it, it is necessary to feed the baby with the breast, and then proceed to carefully decant the remaining milk. The next stage is considered not less important. One can not do without an experienced assistant who knows how to pull a breast by a sheet by tightening a woman's breasts, including the entire area bounded by the armpits and lower ribs. If still the milk remains in the chest, and there is pain, then the process of pulling the breast will have to be repeated. The dressing applied in this way is worn until it is revealed that the milk production has stopped in the breast.

how to draw a breast

Nursing mothers need to know how to tugchest: not very strongly elastic bandage to do pressing of mammary glands to the bases of ribs. This procedure can limit the amount of blood flow, and, accordingly, reduce the production of milk. The chest is tightened immediately after the next feeding, then the bandage is removed and the procedure is repeated again. At the same time, milk is getting smaller not only as a result of breast pulling, but also because the pacifier stimulation is reduced due to the lesser use of its baby.

to draw a breast

To answer the question: "Should I tug my chest?""- it is best for a woman to consult a specialist doctor who will give the necessary advice on how to do this, as well as on the use of the necessary medicines to repay lactation .. Often, women taking these drugs get rid of the need for expressing milk, which leads to the fact that lactation stops.

You can use compresses with camphor oil,but do it better when both mammary glands are devastated. Take diuretics, baths with mint and eucalyptus, and also engage in fitness. Thus, the question of how to tighten the chest should be resolved painlessly for both mother and her baby.

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