Treads called foot seals fromkeratinized skin without a rod. They can be large or small, oval or round. The tops of the seals are directed inwards, into the skin. Walking education most often does not interfere and pain does not bring. In general, seals and thickenings on our skin are formed for protection in places where there is practically no fatty layer. However, the painfulness of the corns indicates a problem.

Causes of Patients with Hemorrhages

onoptish treatment

Forming keratinism can around a foreign body (glass, fragment, splinter ...), this is fraught with inflammation. Also inside can be a normal wart.

Patients can be sick in the event that the body corrects the gait, caused by anatomical features of the structure of the foot.

The pods are in fact a kind of corns onfeet in the form of flat horny stratifications on the heel or at the base of the fingers. Such corns can also form between the last ones. As a rule, they are white folded moist and soft. It should be noted that chronic nasolations speak of the development of flat feet, and this is the reason to seek advice from an orthopedist, most likely, you will need orthopedic insoles.

Hemorrhages: treatment

1. Modern medicine easily fights against this problem. Quickly and painlessly cleaned natoptyshi, the treatment of which is carried out through the laser. This ray will lead education without surgery and without consequences, leaving no trace. The high radiation temperature quickly evaporates the dead tissue, and at the same time all the microbes in this zone. After the procedure, the skin regenerates fairly quickly.

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2. Hemorrhages on the feet of treatment also mean cold. To do this, you need to contact a cosmetology clinic. Liquefied nitrogen for 20-40 seconds will freeze the tissue, which then simply exfoliates. Quite quickly, on the spot of a rough natropish, there will be a delicate pink skin, which for the first time will have to be protected from pressure and friction.

3. Painful hives treatment is meant by correcting the gait. The goal of the body is to "level" the surface that performs walking. For example, a defect is a decreased metatarsal bone, which is enclosed in the wrong location of the sesame (it is below the others). Here, a built-up edge is formed in the form of a natropish to level the level. If you do not pay attention to the problem, education will expand both in width and in depth. It hurts when it grows to nerve endings. Now you do not want to, but you have to clean up the burrs. Treatment in this situation means wearing special tabs in shoes, but it is likely that surgical intervention will be required.

natoptysh on feet treatment

You can refer to the people's councils to remove the burrs on your feet.

Treatment. Ointments for own preparation

Take a tablespoon of vinegar (70%), the same amountvegetable oil and raw egg. Stir in a jar and store in a refrigerator. After a day you will get a white ointment, very soft and pleasant to the touch. Daily, before going to bed, steam your feet for about 15 minutes, then apply the napkin with the remedy to the nail, then put on the sock and go to bed. In the morning, just rinse your feet, do not scrape anything. Five procedures are usually enough to completely remove the formation and rearrange the aesthetics of the feet.

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