Turpentine ointment is an effective plant anti-inflammatory agent.

Pharmacological properties
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As indicated by the instructions for use, ointmentturpentine has analgesic, irritating, distracting, disinfecting properties. It is made on the basis of terpentine oil, which easily penetrates the epidermis and irritatively affects the nerve endings. A medicament is made mainly from pine trees. Active components, enkephalins and endorphins, have analgesic effect, block histamine mediators, causing edema, redness of the skin and inflammation. The distracting properties of the drug are explained by the fact that after using the ointment, the excitation flows into the nervous system from the place of treatment to the internal organs. When coughing, the medication is used due to its expectorant and mucolytic action. The ointment is packaged in tubes and cans of 25 and 50 grams.

Indications for use
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The drug is prescribed for the treatment of neuritis, myalgia,rheumatism, radiculitis, neuralgia. It helps turpentine ointment when coughing for children and adults. It is also used for arthralgia, acute and chronic pathology of respiratory organs. Reviews indicate the use of the drug for pediculosis.

Ointment turpentine: instructions, reviews

For the treatment of ailments associated with muscle painand joints, it is required to apply the remedy to the painful areas, then rub and cover with a warming bandage. The procedure is carried out 2 times a day. When you cough, the ointment is used in the form of rubbing. During the treatment, rubs are made in the area of ​​the trachea, the lungs, and also the soles, while avoiding the means to the region of the heart and nipples. After the performed grinding, the patient should be warm. As a rule, after three procedures the patients get better.

turpentine ointment for children coughing
With the help of this tool you can cure evenchronic forms of coughing. As the instructions for use show, turpentine ointment helps with child cough. To perform the rubbing of babies, the medicine is mixed with baby cream in equal parts to avoid skin burn. To destroy lice with medicament, the hairy part of the head is treated, covered with cellophane film and held for two hours. After the procedure is performed, comb out with a thick comb of nits and lice, and then wash the head with an ordinary shampoo.

Side effects and contraindications

As the instructions for use explain, ointmentturpentine can cause with individual sensitivity allergic manifestations, itching on the skin, rashes, swelling, redness, burning. In some cases, there is a rapid heartbeat, confusion and loss of consciousness, convulsions, a decrease in pressure, suffocation. In such situations, the drug should be replaced (as indicated by the instructions for use). Turpentine ointment is prohibited for use in skin pathologies, liver diseases and kidney ailments, if the integrity of the skin is damaged. It is not recommended to use the medicine for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.

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