The drug "Albendazole" belongs to the category of anthelmintic drugs, has antimicrobial and antiparasitic action.

Pharmacological properties of the medicament Albendazole

albendazole instructions for use

Instruction for use informs you thatthe drug is effective for mono- and polyinvasia. The drug selectively affects the polymerization of tubulin, disrupts the activity of intestinal helminth cells, blocks the utilization of glucose and the movement of secretory granules in the muscle cells of worms, which causes their death. The medication is effective against the larvae of cestodes, trematodes and nematodes. The medicine is in the form of tablets.

Indications for use of the drug "Albendazole"

Instructions for use suggest usingmedicine for the therapy of echinococcosis of the lungs, liver and peritoneum, neurocysticercosis. The agent is prescribed for cystic echinococcosis in case of impossibility of carrying out the operation. With the help of the drug are treated racemose, intragastric and arachnoid cysts, ascaridosis, trichonelez, enterobiasis, ankylostomiasis, opisthorchiasis.

albendazole dosage
The medication is used for capillarose, trichinosis,gnathostomosis, toxocarosis, microsporidosis, giardiasis, and mixed helminthiases. With the surgery of echinococcus cysts, the drug is prescribed as an auxiliary medicine.

Contraindications of medicament "Albendazole"

Instruction for use warns thatIt is forbidden to use the medicine for hypersensitivity, to children under six years old, during pregnancy and lactation. With caution should be taken for cirrhosis of the liver, suppression of hemopoiesis, cysticercosis, liver failure.

The drug "Albendazole": dosage and application

The product is consumed after a meal, washed down with water, it is impossible to chew the capsules. At one time it is necessary to use 0.4 grams of the drug. Children dose determined from the account of their weight (6 mg per kg).

albendazole tablets
For cysticercosis of the brain, children under twoyears give tablets for 8 days (15 mg per kg). For the treatment of ankylostomidosis, enterobiasis, ascariasis, single-dose 0.2 grams are prescribed, the administration is repeated if necessary after three weeks. With strongyloidosis and cestodosis, tablets are given in the amount of 0.2 grams per day, take three days. Children older than 2 years and adults with cerebral cysticercosis should drink 0.4 grams twice a day, the course of therapy can last up to 30 days (at least 8 days). With giardiasis, strongyloidiasis and cestodiasis, the use of 0.4 g tablets for three days is recommended. Ascaridosis, enterobiasis, trichocephalosis and ankylostomiasis are eliminated by a single use of 0.4 grams of the drug.

Side effect of the drug "Albendazole"

Instructions for use provide information onpresence of negative manifestations during therapy. The medicine can cause dizziness, vomiting, headache, nausea, abdominal pain. The drug "Albendazole" (tablets) can provoke the occurrence of itching, skin rashes, pancytopenia, thrombocytopenia, agranulocytosis, granulocytopenia, and leukopenia.

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