dimexide solution
The drug "Dimexide" (solution) instruction onapplication characterizes as an external anti-inflammatory agent. The medication is available as a clear, colorless liquid with little or no specific odor. The active substance is dimethylsulfoxide.

Mechanism of action

The drug has the ability to neutralizehydroxyl radicals, improve metabolism in inflammatory foci. To the useful properties of the drug "Dimexide" (solution), the application instruction also includes its antimicrobial, analgesic, local anesthetic effect. The agent exhibits moderate fibrinolytic activity. The drug penetrates well through the mucous membranes, skin, the membrane of microbial cells (increasing their sensitivity to the influence of antibiotics) and other biological membranes.

how to prepare a dimexide solution


Medication "Dimexide" (solution) instruction onapplication recommends in the complex treatment of pathology of the musculoskeletal system. In particular, therapy is prescribed for patients with Bechterew's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, reactive synovitis. Effective medication with deforming osteoarthritis, nodal erythema, limited scleroderma. The drug is prescribed to patients with mycosis stop, red discoid lupus, thrombophlebitis, ekszema. To the indications of "Dimexide" (solution), the instruction for use also includes trophic ulcers, sprains, burns, acne, purulent wounds, bruises. In the kozhnoplasticheskoy surgical practice the drug is used for canning dermal gomotransplants.

How to prepare a Dimexide solution?

When treating different pathologies, the drug is usedin different concentrations. Dilute the product with water. Treatment of erysipelatous inflammation is carried out with a 50% solution. For its preparation, the medicine and water are mixed in a 1: 1 ratio. The resulting mixture is applied twice to three times a day for 50-100 ml. When diffuse streptodermia, eczema use a 40/90% solution. To obtain a 40% concentration, 6 parts of the preparation are mixed with 4 parts of water. In this ratio

dimexide solution for compress
use a solution of "Dimexide" for compress. 90% of the mixture is obtained by adding 2 parts of water to 18 parts of the preparation. With pain syndromes and for local anesthesia, a mixture of 25/50% is used. In these conditions compresses are applied 2-3 times a day, applying the drug in a dose of 100-150 ml. To obtain a 25% concentration, 6 parts of water are mixed with 2 parts of the agent. A mixture with a low content of drugs is used to treat purulent-septic lesions, inflammatory and necrotic cavities and foci.


The drug "Dimexide" (solution) instruction onapplication does not admit to prescribing during pregnancy or in the period of feeding, with glaucoma, angina pectoris. It is not recommended for patients with cataracts, hypersensitivity, severe atherosclerosis. To the contraindications of the drug "Dimexide" (solution), the instruction for use also includes the state of coma, stroke, renal or hepatic insufficiency of a serious nature, infarction.

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