Meteorism (increased gas formation inintestine) is a common phenomenon that occurs when the content of gases in the gastrointestinal system increases. This condition often occurs due to eating foods that contain high amounts of fiber, or from overeating. In a human, about 500 ml of gas is released within a day. Speech about excessive gassing is conducted at excess of norm and when the output of gases is accompanied by discomfort and pain.
Causes in which there is an increasedgas formation in the stomach or intestine, there are various factors. These include insufficient work of the digestive system, as well as impaired production of the necessary enzymes, as a result of which food is poorly digested, and its particles descend into the lower parts of the gastrointestinal system. The microflora of the lower intestine is not suitable for a full conversion of food, thus, its decomposition and souring occur, and as a result - the formation of gas.
Increased gassing in the intestine alsocause some foods with high content of dietary fiber. These include legumes (beans, peas), cabbage and apples. Overeating is also the cause of flatulence, as the bacteria necessary for digestion are not enough for an excessive amount of food.
A common reason for the increased gassing in the intestine is the impaired motor function of the organ. In some cases, flatulence increases as a result of stress.
Symptom of excess gas is bloating. There may be attacks of pain that are cramped in character. Occasionally, increased gas production in the intestine may be accompanied by vomiting and nausea. Are common eructations, diarrhea or constipation. In addition to general discomfort and raspiraniya in the stomach may rumble, and there is a feeling of permanent transfusion inside.
Increased gas production in the intestine: treatment
To get rid of flatulence, measures should be takenon the correction of their diet. More often this is enough to avoid increased gas formation. If the disorders are caused by diseases of the gastrointestinal system, then their immediate treatment will be required. Thus, the biocenosis of the intestine is restored by taking biological preparations.
To avoid excessive accumulation of gases,It is necessary to exclude from the menu products that contain coarse fiber. This group includes first of all cabbage and grapes, gooseberries and sorrel, peas, beans, asparagus and beans. The list of potentially hazardous beverages includes carbonated water, kvass, beer. These products cause fermentation in the intestine.
It is best to emphasize the cultured milkproducts (fermented baked milk, yoghurt, kefir). Benefit of crumbly low-fat porridge, especially millet and buckwheat. Take vegetables must be cooked. Side effects do not bring beets and carrots. Wheat bread is needed with bran, and the meat is cooked.
Increased gas formation in the intestine will helpremove such medications as activated charcoal, pancreatin, pepsin, dimethicone, polysorb, sorbex. These funds do not allow you to suck in toxins, gases and other harmful substances and remove them.

Help with meteorism will also provide traditional medicine: infusion of coriander, cumin, dill, mint or chamomile.
The most effective folk remedy that helpsto remove the increased gassing in the intestines, is dill. The broth is prepared from the seeds ground in a mortar, filled with boiling water and infused for three hours (1 tablespoon and a half liter of boiling water). The medicine must be drunk within three days.

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