Varicella - a fairly well-known infectiousdisease. Despite the fact that the disease is considered a child, it can arise in an adult. It is better to have chickenpox at an early age. Adults take it quite hard, and the risk of complications is high. A characteristic sign of pathology is a rash spread all over the body, complicated by itching and deterioration of well-being.

Today, drugs are produced that couldfacilitate the course of pathology. However, not everyone is allowed to use chickenpox. A common and standard means for antiseptic treatment of rashes from ancient times to the present is considered green. But there are other drugs that provide relief of symptoms and accelerate recovery. One of these drugs is the drug "Kalamin" (lotion).

calamine lotion instruction analogs


The product is used for various pathologies of the skin. The drug has antipruritic, cooling effect, has a drying and soothing effect. When using the drug, puffiness, inflammation of the cover is effectively removed, irritation is eliminated. Along with this, the medicine prevents the further development of the pathological process, activates the regenerative functions of the skin. The product effectively protects the cover from the negative influence of irritating external factors, which is very important during chicken pox.

The undoubted advantage of the drug is itssoft action. In this regard, the appointment of the means is allowed even for very young children. As part of the medicament, there is a calamine and zinc oxide. As additional components it includes water, sodium citrate, medical clay, phenol liquefied, glycerin. In the medicine there is no ethanol, hormones and other components that can cause complications.

calamine analogues

Why do people look for analogues of "Kalamin"?

As already mentioned above, the drug hasset of advantages. But he also has shortcomings. The main is the price of the drug. Its cost is more than 500 rubles. Despite the high efficiency and safety of the "Kalamin" (lotion), the analogs of the medication produced today are in many cases more preferable.

One of the inexpensive and very popular meansis considered a medicine "Tsindol." This drug has almost the same properties as the drug "Kalamin" (lotion). Analogues to this or that medication can be appointed also in the event that the recommended preparation for any reason is absent in drugstores. It should be said that with the acquisition of the suspension of "Tsindol", as a rule, problems do not arise. The cost of medicine in pharmacies is within 100 rubles. Another substitute is salicylic-zinc paste. This drug is even cheaper - within 50 rubles.

calamine lotion analogs

Means "Calamine" (lotion). Instructions

Analogues are medicines, in whichthere are identical components. However, the preparations described above are not completely identical. In all drugs, zinc oxide is the active ingredient. Despite the fact that, like the preparation "Calamine" (lotion), analogues of the agent are prescribed for the same skin pathologies, it is necessary to take into account the features of the use of drugs, side effects and contraindications.

Suspension "Tsindol", for example, is allowed topregnant women and can be given to infants. Salicylic-zinc paste has an age limit. It is not recommended for patients until the age of twelve. Children up to three years old are contraindicated in the preparation "Calamine" (lotion). Analogues can be used only after consultation with a doctor. Uncontrolled independent therapy can lead to complications.

When using a suspension of "Tsindol"for example, to know that it contains ethyl alcohol. This component can provoke dry skin, irritation, burning. This is especially important when treating cover in pregnant women, nursing women, as well as nursing babies.

calamine analogs

Application features

Like the "Calamine", analogues of the drugare intended for external use. Medications are applied to the affected areas several times a day. When chickenpox drugs are applied pointwise to the rashes. With other skin lesions (eczema, dermatitis), the funds are rubbed into the skin with a thin layer.

But the tool "Tsindol", for example, does not recommendapply to the face of small children. With severe skin lesions, the suspension can be used in the form of masks. The drug is applied to the affected areas in the evening, do not rinse before drying. After that, the area is covered with gauze for the night. In the morning, the mask is washed off and a moisturizer is applied. Salicylic-zinc paste treated affected areas 2-3 r / day. It is not recommended to use bandages or cover the surface of the skin with a cloth.


When skin diseases occur, specialistsdo not recommend starting an independent selection of medications. Despite the comparative availability of many means, their safety and effectiveness, their uncontrolled use can provoke various complications. If there were side effects in the treatment with the drug "Calamine" (lotion), the analogue should be recommended by a doctor.

Do not ignore the visit to the doctor. It must be remembered that illiterate treatment can provoke the attachment of secondary infections, worsening of the condition, further development of the disease. To avoid complications, you should consult a specialist.

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