Lotion Diprosalik is used in the treatment of suchdiseases like psoriasis of the scalp or any other localization, as well as seborrhea, any dermatoses that are given to SCS therapy. Ointment is used in the treatment of seborrheic, atopic and unspecified dermatitis, coin-like eczema, dyshidrosis, psoriasis, depriving red, flat lichen, congenital ichthyosis. Lotion dipolocal is a translucent, colorless liquid that has a rather viscous consistency. It does not contain extraneous inclusions and has a smell of isopropyl alcohol. The ointment has a homogeneous consistency of white color and also does not have visible particles in its composition.

Lotion dipolocal has on the human bodyanti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, keratolytic, antimicrobial and antipruritic action. Both lotion and ointment are combined preparations based on salicylic acid (it has a fungicidal, keratolytic, bacteriostatic effect) and betamethasone dipropionate (it has antipruritic, vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory effects).

Do not apply lotion dipolisal to people whohypersensitive to the components that make up its composition. Also contraindications to the use of lotion are the presence of such diseases as rosacea, chicken pox, blastomycosis, actinomycosis, infections and skin tumors, postvaccinal skin reactions, lactation and pregnancy, long-term therapy and liver failure. Children under 2 years of age are also not allowed to use this medication, and for children under 12 years of age it should be used very carefully.

Features of application for breastfeeding and pregnancy

Usually during pregnancy and lactationuse this drug is not recommended. Its accurate use is possible only if the benefit it brings will exceed the harm to the female body and to the fetus. These drugs are used in small doses. During treatment, breastfeeding stops, as treatment is only necessary for the mother's body.

Side effects of the drug "diprosalik"

Reviews indicate that its use cancause common complications, for example, itching, burning, folliculitis, skin irritation and dryness, acne-like eruptions, hypertrichosis, perioral dermatitis, hypopigmentation, allergic contact dermatitis. Also, the use of lotion can cause skin cracks and unpleasant pain, telangiectasia, local hirsutism and dermatitis.

Diprosalik lotion - reviews

Many patients and physicians who usedthis drug, note that its long-term use, especially in high doses, can cause such side effects as growth retardation, suppression of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system function, increased intracranial pressure, development of Cushing's syndrome and insufficient body weight gain. These side effects are especially undesirable for children.

In the event of an overdose of datathe drug prescribes symptomatic therapy. If an overdose of salicylic acid occurs, then it should be quickly removed from the body.

Apply lotion you need topically to the diseased skin areas. It is applied usually in the morning and in the evening for the whole night. The duration of the treatment course depends on its effectiveness and the presence of side effects.

The drug should be avoided on any mucous membranes or in the eyes, and the use of a lotion for occlusive dressings is also not allowed.

If during the application of the drug arosedryness and irritation of the skin, you must immediately stop taking it. If there is an additional infection, you need to start the appropriate treatment. When treating large areas of the body, especially for children, strict precautions must be taken.

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