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The medicine "Slabilen" is issued in the form of slightlyviscous, transparent and slightly colored or colorless liquid. Medication belongs to the group of laxatives. Once in the body, the product is hydrolyzed under the influence of intestinal microbes. As a result, its active form is formed, which provokes irritation of the mucosa in the large intestine and an increase in the intensity of peristalsis. The effect is noted ten or twelve hours after application. The agent is not exposed after intake of circulation and absorption from the digestive system.

Drops of "Slabilen". Instructions. Indications

The drug is recommended for constipation,provoked by hypotension and weak peristalsis in the large intestine. The drug is effective in regulating the stool against the background of cracks in the anus, proctitis, hemorrhoids. The tool is recommended in preparation for radiographic and instrumental research, before surgical interventions.

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Medication "Slabilen". Instructions for use. Contraindications

Do not prescribe a remedy for intestinalobstruction, hypersensitivity, with an injured hernia. Contraindications include inflammation in the organs in the abdominal cavity, abdominal pain, peritonitis. Means "Slabilen" instruction for use does not recommend for bleeding in the digestive system, cystitis, metrorrhagia, spastic constipation. Do not prescribe medication during pregnancy, severe dehydration, during lactation. Contraindicated remedy for children under four years.

The drug is "Slabilen". Instructions for use

Take the medication internally with a small volumeliquid (water). It is recommended to take medication before bedtime. For adults, the initial dosage is 10-20 drops, against a background of constipation resistant character - 30 drops. The initial amount of medication for children from four years is five to eight drops. Taking into account the effectiveness, the dose adjustment is subsequently carried out (increase or decrease).

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The drug is "Slabilen". Instructions for use. Side effect

On the basis of therapy specialists notedehydration, diarrhea, abdominal pain. Medication can cause a decrease in pressure, cramps, a feeling of weakness or lethargy, a disorder in the water-electrolyte balance.

Means "Slabilen". Instructions for use. Additional Information

Overdose increases side effectsfacilities. In addition, probably the occurrence of ischemia in the colon, secondary hyperaldosteronism. With prolonged admission in a high dose, there is a development of urolithiasis, probably also a lesion in the renal tubules. Elimination of symptoms is carried out using standard measures for drug poisoning. Recommended antispasmodics. The drug "Slabilen" instructions for use do not recommend drinking for more than ten days without the supervision of a doctor. If the condition worsens in the first few days of treatment, you should visit a specialist after stopping to drink the medicine. Therapy of children under 18 must be controlled by a doctor. If it is necessary to administer the product during lactation, a specialist may recommend stopping feeding.

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