Today, very popular injections of "Botox", socalled beauty injections. They are used to combat mimic wrinkles. Let's talk about the procedure itself, find out how much after Botox you can not drink alcohol.

how much after botox you can not drink alcohol

A bit of history

"Botox" is a medicinal product manufactured by the American company Allergan. Dysport is produced by the French company Beaufour Ipsen International. And the German organization Merz Aesthetics - Xeomin.

"Disport" and "Xeomin," like Botox, containthe same component is the neurotoxin type "A", which is produced by pathogens of botulism. In the first concentration of toxin is much lower than in "Botox". Botulinum toxin, from which the drug is made, is a dangerous poison. But since its concentration in it is negligible, it does not harm the body. Although, botulism can lead to death.

how many days after botox you can not drink alcohol

When did they start to apply?

Neurotoxin type "A" became known in the XIX centurythanks to scientists from America, was obtained in search of the cause of the appearance of botulism, which was characterized by an infectious lesion of the nervous system. Initially, Botox was used to treat nerve tics and seizures.

After 1900, scientists were able to isolatebacteria toxin. Initially tested on animals, then its effect was noted, wrinkles were smoothed out, and the squint ceased to exist. Getting into the muscles, the toxin simply paralyzed them. In 1978, they started testing the drugs produced on its basis.

And only in a decade the American companybegan to produce drugs with Botox. After using injections, scientists noticed that wrinkles are smoothed in patients. It has been proven that in meager doses the toxin does not harm the body. And now, for thirty years he has been successful in cosmetology, in Russia since 1994.

how much you can not drink alcohol after injections of botox

What is this procedure?

This injection under the skin with special needles inmimic muscles of neurotoxin type "A" of protein nature in a microscopic dose. Because of this, the muscles relax, but do not atrophy, because the substance does not enter the blood circulation, the skin acquires a smart appearance, and the ill-fated grooves disappear.

The drug requires proper administration, thenthe result will be reached the maximum. During the procedure, the cosmetologist asks you to change facial expressions to involve all problem areas. So, let's talk about contraindications.

Who should refrain from the procedure?

It should immediately be noted that after sixty years of making an injection does not make sense, because wrinkles have already formed, and do not depend on the activity of mimic.

It is best to start botox after thirtyyears. This period is most favorable for the procedure, since wrinkles can still be straightened by an artificial blockage. After forty, of course, there will be no such effect.

Botox should be abandoned:

  • If there is a personal toxin intolerance.
  • When a patient has a rare hereditary disease, hemophilia.
  • Pregnant and lactating.
  • People with syndromes like myasthenia gravis. These are ailments characterized by a reduction in muscle tension and rapid fatigue.
  • At the time of exacerbation of chronic and infectious diseases.
  • In case the skin is damaged in the form of acne, acne and herpes.
  • When taking antithrombotic drugs, which do not allow clogged blood and antibiotics.
  • Patients with oncology.

As you can see, contraindications are significant. They should be carefully read, and better, of course, get advice from your doctor. Let's talk about the expected effect, disadvantages, preparation and much more. The result can be seen in the photo:

how long can you drink alcohol after botox

Is it painful?

This procedure does not cause pain, injectioncomparable to a mosquito bite. After it there is an uncomfortable feeling of heaviness in the face, but it quickly passes. If there is still fear, and it is insurmountable, you can use local anesthesia.

What else do I need to know?

You should find a good specialist, because from thisdepends not only on the result, but also on health. If at the first conversation you received some discomfort, do not hesitate to refuse services and start looking for a new doctor. Discuss the expected result. Removing just one wrinkle, you can change beyond recognition.

How does the procedure work?

The patient is in a reclining position. At the place where the procedure is envisaged, which lasts literally five minutes, disinfection is carried out. Then a thin needle under the skin or intramuscularly injected "Botox". Then the ice is applied to the face for fifteen minutes.

after how many days you can drink alcohol after botox

What wrinkles can be eliminated with Botox?

It should immediately be noted that deep nasolabial andwrinkles on the neck can not be removed only by one botox. Effectively removes grooves in the eye area, vertical between the eyebrows, horizontal on the forehead, oblique nose. And you can also drop your raised eyebrows. And now we learn how to prepare for the procedure and how much after Botox you can not drink alcohol.

Actions before injections

Initially, you need to be as honest as possible in a conversation with a therapist, because some drugs are incompatible with Botox. So, why it is necessary to refuse before the procedure:

  1. From antibiotics;
  2. cardiac medicines;
  3. drugs from neuralgia;
  4. any vitamin-mineral supplements;
  5. for four days it is necessary to stop taking aspirin, it greatly dilutes the blood, as well as ibuprofen, vitamin E, fish oil, ginseng, St. John's wort.

And, of course, you can not use for two daysno alcohol and smoking. For a day to reduce physical activity, do not do weight training, do not bend over your head, refuse to massage your face. And it is also forbidden to stay in the sun for a long time, to visit the sauna and the pool.

It is important!

There are moments worth considering:

  1. Injections can not be done on their own.
  2. Be sure to inform the specialist if the procedureis not the first time. Because botulinum toxin has the property of accumulating, and by the time of the second session, it may be, has not yet completely disappeared from the body.

It is very important.

Actions after application of injections of "Botox"

How much after Botox can you not drink alcohol? It is worth to refuse it for 4-7 days, this is the minimum, and also from smoking. Let's consider other recommendations:

  1. Do not lie down for about four hours.
  2. For three days, do not touch the place where the drug was injected, do not massage.
  3. It is necessary to refuse flights for a day.
  4. Do not bend down, it is worth to limit physical activity.
  5. Two weeks you can not visit saunas, baths and solarium.
  6. Two or three days to follow a diet, namely not eat salty and spicy foods, use a little liquid.
  7. Two weeks do not take antibiotics and aspirin.

On the question of how many days after Botox you can not drink alcohol, we answered shortly, we'll talk in more detail below. It is also worth giving up two weeks of alcohol-containing drugs.

how much you can not drink alcohol after Botox reviews

Alcohol and Botox

They are incompatible, because with alcoholBotulinum toxin is excreted much more quickly and about a half-year effect it is not necessary and to dream. Moreover, the reverse process occurs, wrinkles appear, first small, then deep.

How much you can not drink alcohol after Botox. Reviews

Experts say that about two weeks. If you use a hot after the procedure, the effect of the drug will simply be neutralized. But complications can arise, such as tuberosity of the skin. Under the influence of alcohol, the drug is distributed unevenly under the skin, accumulating in certain places. Eliminating this problem is not easy, it will take a lot of effort, time and money.

Therefore, do not ignore the topic of how muchYou can not drink alcohol after injections of Botox. We began to talk about serious consequences in case of permissible negligence. In some reviews, you can read that you need to drink a little before the procedure, so as not to feel pain, this is one of the myths about the injection of Botox. In no case can this be done. So, back to the consequences.

A "stone mask" on the face can form,asymmetry, oval distortion occurs, a strong allergic reaction appears. After all, no one knows how your own organism can react in this case.

We will repeat, how much time it is impossible to drink alcohol after the procedure. Not less than two weeks. Beer is also ranked as a hot drink.

Many girls, again, according to reviews, afterthe procedures drank wine, and they had no complications. This is strictly prohibited. One can go smoothly, and another will have serious consequences. Trust 100% of such reviews are not worth it. There are cases when, in the comments, a negative characteristic is given to the cosmetologist and the salon where the procedure was performed, due to a poor result. But the story is silent about the fact that alcohol was used.

Of course, this is everyone's business, to understand or not in the question of how many days you can drink alcohol after Botox, but do not forget that it can do much harm. Do not neglect this.

botox and alcohol after how many do not drink alcohol

How many do not drink alcohol? Botox and alcohol after the procedure

In principle, we answered this question. It only remains to add that, getting into the body, alcohol is not just a poisonous act, it also expands blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow. This promotes the instantaneous removal of botulinum toxin. And there can be persistent bruises, swelling, bruises and red spots, and more severe consequences, such as muscle or pulmonary paralysis. In some cases, there is nausea, vomiting, dizziness, bleeding. Intoxication occurs.

Consider her symptoms

After the incubation period, they develop after a few hours. Consider them, this is:

  • weakness;
  • possibly, nausea;
  • vomiting with bile;
  • sometimes diarrhea;
  • in a serious case on the second day there are signs of jaundice;
  • terrible headache and even loss of consciousness;
  • spasms, real estate;
  • the erythrocytes are destroyed.

Moreover, the process will be accompanied by depression, a bad dream. There may even be a paralysis of the respiratory organs, which sometimes results in a fatal outcome.

The exact answer to the question, how much after BotoxYou can not drink alcohol, no one will give, it all depends on personal intolerance. If the traces of injections are gone, you can take a little hard liquor after seven days. In the opposite case, it is worth refraining from them for a longer period.

In the framework of our article, it is impossible to fit the fullinformation on the preparation for the procedure, its conduct and everything else. Therefore, it is necessary to study the issue of how long it is impossible to drink alcohol after Botox, to consult with the necessary specialists, to weigh the pros and cons, several times.

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