Few people think that small womensecrets sometimes turn into serious health problems. Of course, one of the most urgent and most secretive topics are diseases from the gynecological area. And they are not only those that are transmitted from the partner through sexual contact. Although such ailments, as a rule, and silent, because the topic is quite ticklish for most women.

Sometimes the culprit of intimate discomfort canbecome even contraceptive vaginal pills, which, in the presence of contraindications, can cause dryness of the vaginal walls, itching, burning, as well as uncharacteristic earlier discharge with a specific color and odor. All this, of course, brings only anxiety and a refusal of a normal regular sexual life. However, a more serious cause for anxiety is the present inflammation caused by certain bacteria that have penetrated the mucous membranes of the genital organs.

Need to visit a doctor? In the event that the analyzes show the presence of pathogenic bacteria in the body that caused damage to the vaginal mucosa, then most likely you will be prescribed vaginal pills. Do not tend to fully trust advertising and all that the gynecologist advises? Then read the most popular drug in this area - "Trichopol". Vaginal tablets with this name, based on the name of their classification, are introduced directly into the vagina. Thus, their most rapid action and accumulation of the active substances contained in the drug are achieved. In addition, there is a pinpoint effect on the focus of inflammation, so all the ingredients are much faster removed from the body.

Tablets are available in white and yellow coloroblong rounded shape. Metronidazole was used as the active ingredient. In addition to it, the composition includes molasses from starch, gelatin, rice starch and magnesium stearate. As you can see, there are no particularly unfamiliar substances that could cause their distrust by their names. And allergic reactions, as a rule, they do not happen.

Vaginal tablets "Trichopol" produce a powerful antimicrobial effect. They are widely distributed in gynecology and are used for such diseases as:

- Trichomonas vaginitis;

- nonspecific form of vaginitis;

bacterial vaginosis.

Vaginal tablets "Trichopol". Dosage and duration of treatment

In order for the symptoms that are disturbing you to stopto bring inconvenience, it is enough to take the medicine for 1 week, one tablet a day. In this case, do not continue treatment for more than 10 days. Otherwise, too many ingredients can accumulate in the body, and side effects from trichopole overdose will occur.

When using vaginal tablets should be slightly moistened with cool boiled water. Only after this, the drug can be gently inserted into the vagina as deeply as possible.

Trichopol and possible side effects

Among the side effects is discomfort invagina, as the microflora in each woman is purely individual. There may be light itching and burning, thick milky white discharge without smell, more frequent urge to urinate. There is also a headache and slight dizziness. There may be a taste of metal in the oral cavity and the usual sensations in the tongue change, that is, the food is likely to be perceived somewhat differently. There is a risk of a decrease in appetite, the appearance of constipation, nausea and vomiting, staining the urine in red or brown. This can happen because of the presence of a special pigment in the tablets.

Much rarer, but there are unpleasant sensations in the sexual partner of a woman.

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