Trichopol refers to antiprotozoal andantimicrobial agents. In order to reduce the risk of the development of resistance of pathogenic microorganisms to the drug, it is recommended to prescribe medication when confirming the presence of pathology with analyzes or good reasons to suspect the disease, or the probability of infection.

Trichopol. Indications for use

The medication is prescribed as a local therapynonspecific and trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis. Trichopol advice recommends the use for simultaneous treatment of partners. With a negative result of the test for trichomoniasis in the partner, he himself makes the decision to conduct therapy.

The drug is also indicated for amoebic dysentery(acute intestinal amebiasis) and liver abscess. In the second case, when using the "Trichopol" medication, the instruction does not exclude the need for conducting pus drainage.

The drug is prescribed for intra-abdominal (inincluding intra-abdominal abscess, peritonitis), individual cutaneous, gynecological (including endometriosis, endometritis, tubo-ovarian abscess) infections.

Trichopol also recommends the instruction for bacterial sepsis, provoked by clostridium (Clostridium) and bacteroides (Bacteroides).

A drug is shown for joint infections andbone tissue (as an additional treatment), the central nervous system, the lower regions of the respiratory tract (pneumonia, abscess of the lungs, empyema), endocarditis and others, provoked by bacteroides.

Trichopol is recommended for takingtrichomoniasis once in an amount of 2 grams. In some cases, the dosage is divided in half, but both parts are taken on the same day. Sometimes experts prescribe the use of the drug for seven days at 250 mg per day.

The repeated therapeutic course should be conducted no earlier than four to six weeks after the end of the first.

Treatment of intestinal amebiasis (acute) is recommended for five to ten days. The dosage of the drug is 750 mg three times a day.

Treatment of amoebic liver abscess is carried out for five to ten days. Dosage - 500-750 mg three times a day. Children are allowed not more than 50 mg of the drug per day, divided into three doses.

Intravaginal tablets with trichomonas vaginitis apply one per day for seven or ten days. Combined treatment with metronidazole for oral administration is recommended.

With bacterial vaginosis, nonspecific vaginitis by vaginal tablet per day for seven days. If necessary, additional metronidazole therapy for oral administration is prescribed.

To administer the intravaginal tablet, you should empty it from the package, moisten it with water (boiled chilled) and deeply insert it into the vagina.

Contraindicated in the treatment of blood diseases,disorders in coordination of movements, leukopenia (in history including), hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, lactation, liver failure (with the appointment of large doses).

Trichopol is often the drug of choice fortreatment of diseases of the genitourinary system during pregnancy. During the first 12 weeks of bearing, the medication is contraindicated. During the following period, its use is allowed in the presence of indications and only with the approval of a physician.

Trichopol. Side effects

The use of the drug (intravaginal) maycause pain, irritation, itching in the vagina, change in the nature of vaginal discharge, irritation or burning of the sexual partner of the sexual partner, hives, headache, rash, upset of the stool, nausea, change in taste, loss of appetite, taste of metal in the mouth and other negative manifestations .

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