Shepherd's bag, the medicinal properties of whichknown for more than two thousand years, was widely used in ancient Greece and Rome. In medieval Europe, this plant was used as an excellent hemostatic agent, but later it was unfairly forgotten by traditional medicine and became the prerogative of quackery.

shepherd's bag medicinal properties
Interest in the shepherd's bag was revived duringWorld War I, when the shortage of the Canadian yolk-root and ergot, which were at that time the main haemostatic agents, forced the doctors to look for an alternative to them.

Shepherd's bag is an annual plant,representative of a huge family of cruciferous. Its stem reaches a height of up to half a meter, and the smallest specimens have a growth of only 20 cm. The leaves of this plant are tapered to the petiole and collected in a rosette. Near the roots, they have an oblong-lance-like, porous-separate or notched-toothed form. The leaves on the stem have an arrow-shaped shape. Flowers are small, white, collected usually on the tip of the stem. The fruits have a characteristic triangular pod shape with a heart-shaped groove from the top. The flowering of this plant falls on the period from April to late autumn, and it can be collected practically throughout the entire territory of our homeland.

magical properties of herbs
The magical properties of herbs are usually manifested ina certain stage of their maturation. For medical purposes, the herb is collected during the entire period of its flowering and fruit ripening. The shepherd's bag, the medicinal properties of which are inherent in the aerial part of the plant, is extracted from the earth necessarily with the root. After that, the sector located below the radical leaves is removed, and the rest is dried in the shade in the fresh air.

Like many other useful herbs, the use ofwhich is just beginning, the shepherd's bag is still waiting for new discoveries. The chemical composition of this medicinal plant has only just begun to be analyzed. At the moment, the contents of vitamins C and K, apple and citric acid, as well as a huge amount of potassium are confirmed.

As a hemostatic agent or withinternal haemorrhage is also used a shepherd's bag, the medicinal properties of which allow you to quickly increase the coagulating properties of the blood. Preparations based on this herb are used for pulmonary, uterine and renal bleeding in the form of a tincture or extract.

useful herbs application
Shepherd's bag, the medicinal properties of whichused by healers, is used not only as a means for stopping blood. Decoction and juice of this plant is taken with diseases of the liver, bladder and kidneys, biliary colic. When metabolism is disturbed, healers recommend drinking water or alcohol tinctures based on a shepherd's bag. A proven recipe suggests mixing ten parts of alcohol with one part of a medicinal plant. Then the tincture is kept in a warm dark place for 14-17 days.

Remember that before using any folk remedy, you must necessarily visit a doctor and listen to his recommendations.

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