Bartholinitis is called Bartholin infectionglands. It is located in the subcutaneous fat tissue in the run-up to the vagina. If bartholinitis occurs, treatment at home can be dangerous, so a visit to the doctor is mandatory.

bartholinitis treatment at home

General information

Disease is caused by a diverse flora, inincluding those microorganisms that are always found on the skin of healthy people. The provoking factor is hypothermia, colds, stressful situations, non-observance of personal hygiene, venereal diseases. In addition, bartolinite can occur as a complication after abortion or surgery.

If we talk about the clinic, it first developsthe channel. In this case, only the ducts become inflamed, but if the treatment is not performed, the pathological process covers the entire gland completely. There is swelling of the external genitalia, the temperature rises, redness and burning in the affected area appear, and inguinal lymph nodes increase. When the abscess breaks, the patient's condition improves.

Bartholinitis: treatment at home

When inflammation of the Bartholin gland is not worth itself-medicate, because this pathology is not amenable to therapy. When bartholinitis develops, treatment at home can lead to chronic inflammation and the formation of cysts, which makes further therapy more difficult. At home, you can treat only in the initial stages, when there is no purulent process.

bartholinitis treatment with folk remedies
What can I use? As a rule, make lotions with hypertonic saline solution, which removes the edema and reduces the risk of suppuration. Often sick women themselves use ointments with ichthyol or birch tar, but this is quite dangerous. Such drugs have a strong irritant effect, which leads to increased blood circulation and even more intenive inflammation. Such funds must be used, taking into account the stage of the pathological process. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to do without a cut.


treatment of bartholinitis with leeches
When bartholinitis is diagnosed, treatment inhome conditions can include lotions with infusion of nettle, yarrow leaves, black elderberry flowers. Useful are warm baths with decoction of chamomile, oak bark or eucalyptus. When bartholinitis occurs, treatment with folk remedies is effective in combination with pharmacological treatment (taking antibiotics).

It is useful to include the intake of a mixture of aloe leaves,red wine and honey, which must first be held in a water bath, and then drain. It is also recommended to use a decoction of nettles, spores, horsetail and wildcat.

Among the methods should be called hirudotherapy, butwe must remember that the treatment of bartholinitis with leeches is contraindicated in dermatological diseases, a tendency to allergies and anemia. In addition, for optimal treatment and rapid elimination of bartolinite symptoms, folk medicine will not be enough.

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