Such a defect as stammering is often found inchildren. If it is not cured, this will lead to a number of problems later in life. Most often, stuttering makes people closed, unsociable. Therefore, it is important to treat the disease at once: the sooner you start to do this, the greater the chances of a successful outcome. So how do they treat stuttering and what is it? With this affliction, speech becomes intermittent, the person stumbles, does not utter the end of words. If you do not take appropriate measures, then the disease will begin to progress.

How to treat stuttering

So, how are stuttering treated? First, you need to know what this speech defect is due to. Neuropathologists put forward different reasons. First of all, it is logoneurosis. That is, neurological disruption of the muscles and brain centers responsible for speech. This condition often occurs due to birth trauma or emotional instability. Why can stammering occur in large children? They can get a speech defect due to severe stress, traumatic brain injury or fright.

How are stuttering in children treated correctly? First of all, parents should seek advice from a speech therapist and neurologist. First, the doctor will determine what kind of illness your child has. If the whole thing is stress or fright, then you need to see a psychologist. If this is due to a violation of brain activity, then a neuropathologist will prescribe special medications for her recovery. How is stuttering treated in a child with a speech therapist? He holds special gymnastics

treat stuttering at home
and helps the child learn correctlyto pronounce sounds. In addition, he will show you how to breathe correctly when talking, how to learn to relax the muscles of the face. It is important that all classes are conducted in a friendly and playful way. Prepare for a long work.

If everything is clear with the children, how to treat stutteringin adolescents and is it possible? Yes. To do this, speech therapists developed special methods for correcting speech taking into account age features. Even adults can be removed from stuttering. But this will take much longer than in the case of children, but the result is worth it.

Many parents share their successes

how to treat stuttering in adolescents
and give recommendations on the topic: "How we treat stuttering at home." For example, you can do gymnastics for a face with a baby. Good influence of the use of special herbal fees. As a rule, they have a soothing and relaxing effect. To do this, apply chamomile, anise, melissa, motherwort and so on. For the same purpose, essential oils can be used. They are added to a special pendant or lamp, so that the child constantly inhales the fragrance. Fir, pine, basil, sandalwood oil can be used for this purpose. That is, those that have a calming effect. You can add oil in a warm bath. The main thing is not to overdo it, it's better not to repeat the procedure often. Otherwise, there is a high risk of causing an allergic reaction.

Using any folk remedies, do not forget about the need for medication. Only complex therapy can give a good result.

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