Pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen canarise for different reasons. A lot of diseases, as well as various inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity cause sensations from discomfort, to terrible, aching pain.

Cutting pains in the lower abdomen

If you feel a strong stitching pain or unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen, then it can be:

  • Lead poisoning;
  • In diabetics, such feelings occur before the onset of coma;
  • In violation of lipid metabolism, that is, fats;
  • With porphyritis.

Pain in the abdomen, both in women and inmen are often deceptive. It happens that the pain concentrates completely in the place where the organs are affected and the inflammation proceeds. Initially, most of the diseases are manifested by a sensation of pain throughout the abdominal region, but only after a while the unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen appear only in one area.

Doctors without urine and blood tests for primaryexamination is difficult to determine the disease. When there are cutting pains in the lower abdomen in women - this may be the first signs of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage at an early stage, and also this occurs with inflammation of the appendages and urogenital organs.

At a time when pain occurs, it is important to determineher character. Pain syndrome can be expressed by contractions, colic, various spasms, and also pain, which in time increases more and more. An unpleasant sensation in the lower abdomen can be prevented if one passes the examination in time on the doctors and takes all the necessary medicines for various diseases. And also to protect your body from hypothermia, overheating and poisoning, to eat fresh and quality products.

Diseases and causes of abdominal pain in men and women:

  1. Inflammation of the internal organs, which are located in the peritoneum. The fluid that forms as a result of inflammation, gets into nearby tissues, this causes pain.
  2. Acute processes of inflammation of female reproductive organs. Pain in women can also occur after a physical examination due to mechanical effects on the tissue.
  3. Specific female pains occur with ovulation.
  4. If the intestine is obstructed.
  5. Diseases of the urino-genital organs.
  6. Stones in the kidneys.
  7. Kidney inflammation.
  8. The delay in urination in men is often accompanied by a sharp pain.
  9. Inflammation of the appendix is ​​characterized by pains on the right side of the navel. Then, gradually the pain descends to the bottom. With this pain comes vomiting, fever, chills, loss of appetite.
  10. Another reason that can cause painin the lower abdomen - infringement of a hernia. The place of protrusion of the hernia and around this place can also be accompanied by severe pain. Most often, doctors rarely make this diagnosis, since they do not examine the places where the hernia is most often formed.
  11. Often, spasms and pain in the abdomen can manifest renal and hepatic colic.

Where is it necessary to turn to find out,why does it hurt in the lower abdomen? First of all, you need to go to such specialists as a gastroenterologist, urologist, proctologist, surgeon, gynecologist, andrologist. But if the pain is so severe that you can not even get out of bed, the best thing is to call an ambulance. In order not to have such situations it is important to eat properly, monitor your health and seek medical help on time. In no case do self-medication, this is fraught with deterioration, including serious health consequences, for example, removal of one of the important organs - the pancreas, gall bladder, kidney, part of the liver, part of the intestine and so on. Sometimes a little pain develops into a serious problem. Know, if you run even the slightest disease, it can develop and cause damage to neighboring organs, up to a lethal outcome.

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