Bloating, the symptoms of which are familiar to many,- a common and unpleasant phenomenon. The main reasons are simple and trivial. In young people, bloating in the lower abdomen is observed due to the use of carbonated drinks, as well as when ingesting air during meals.

It's no secret that when you eat, most of ustalking. It became normal to have dinner and at the same time to throw phrases with friends or chat on the phone. But it would be worth remembering everything known: "When I eat, I'm deaf and dumb." Our intestines do not always cope with the volume of gas supplied with food, hence the unpleasant sensations in the stomach.

A feeling of fullness in the abdomen, a squeezing pain,shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat - this is bloating. Symptoms intensify if the body receives food that is rich in fiber or easily digestible carbohydrates. Such carbohydrates are in abundance contained in sweets and flour products, and fiber - in vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, beans) and black bread.

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Often, the reasons are superimposed on each other,provoking bloating. Symptoms: eructation, rumbling in the abdomen, hiccoughs, secretion of gases - bring a lot of problems to a person. In this state, often there are pains in the intestines, squeezing pain in the chest and stomach, giving in the lower back.

Flatulence or bloating, the symptoms of whichinterfere with the normal life of a person, requires a revision of the usual diet. An integrated approach to the problem consists not in getting rid of symptoms, but in treating a disease that leads to the accumulation of gases. But in order to mitigate strong pain, you have to take pills from bloating. Reduce the formation of gas can be with activated carbon or Smecta.

All other drugs are prescribed by a doctor afterdetermining the root cause. If bloating is caused by the presence of intestinal infections, then for the treatment of flatulence, often prescribed drugs "Hilak-forte", "Linex" or "Acilact." As a preventive measure and for the rapid removal of gases from the body take medicine "Espumizan", "Motilium", "Disflatil".

In infants, the formation of gas and bloating leads to severe pain. You can determine them by tearing the child after a meal, squeezing the legs to the stomach.

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This is due to weakness of the intestine andoccurs in 70% of newborns. For such children, pediatricians recommend taking drugs based on natural raw materials: dill or fennel. Dill water "Plantex" will save the baby from pain, and mom - from worries and sleepless nights.

However, only an integrated approach will helpstop the process of gassing in the intestine. First of all, it is necessary to revise the diet, and nursing moms to closely monitor what products the child responds to. The diet should include dairy products, cereals, especially buckwheat, carrot and beet salads. The main principle for the smooth operation of the intestines is a balanced and nutritious diet. Physical exercise and exercise also help in the fight against flatulence.

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