Ian Mukha is a famous Slovak goalkeeper. Footballer built a successful career as a goalkeeper and became a happy family man.

Jan Mucha - biography of the athlete

Next year the football player celebrates his 35th birthday. Slovak goalkeeper comes from a small village Bela nad Tsirohou Prešov Region.

The father of the football player is also called Jan. The athlete has a younger brother - Matush. Since his childhood, Jan Mucha has become addicted to football, because his father took an active part in matches at the amateur level and took the position of the goalkeeper. Therefore, the father became the first coach of the goalkeeper. Mom is an avid fan, and Jan's brother, Matush, also does football (he's a goalkeeper). The Slovak sportsman has four children. The eldest son in the family tradition was called Jan. This year he turned eleven, and the boy has been attending football training at the Everton Academy for several years.

yang fly

Fly Yan - goalkeeper with nineteen years of experience. In the family so far he alone has built a successful goalkeeper career at a professional level. Date of birth of the athlete - December 5, 1982, height - 1 m 90 cm, weight - 87 kg. He speaks three languages ​​well: Russian, Polish and English.

The beginning of a footballer's career

In 1997, at the age of 15, Jan Mucha signedhis first contract with FC "Inter" (Bratislava). After four years of professional training, the athlete joined the team "Zhilina", where he played 32 matches. The football club twice became the champion of Slovakia, once won the title of vice-champion and received the Supercup of the state.

It was these first two FC that became a good school for a young goalkeeper. Here the athlete trained under the guidance of qualified mentors and received a good salary.

Development of career goalkeeper

Since 2005, Mukha Yang defended the honor of the team "Legia"(Warsaw). In the Polish football club, his coach was Krishtof Dovgan. The first year in the team, Jan held the post of doubler Lukas Fabianski, until the latter moved to English "Arsenal" (London).

Fly Yang

In "Legia" Slovak goalkeeper stayed for 5 years. During this time he played many matches, was recognized as the best goalkeeper, won the national championship in the 2005/2006 season, and in 2008 won the Polish Super Cup.

In the winter of 2010, Jan Mucha signed a contract withEnglish club Everton (Liverpool). The first couple of years in the Premier League goalkeeper never went out on the field. He was the understudy of the Liverpool goalkeeper Tim Howard. Only after the injury of the English player Mucha could take his place and show a good game.

Jan played in the national team of Slovakia, where he played 35 matches. He defended the team's gate at the World Cup in 2010.

Moving to Russia

Fly Ian received an invitation from the English "Watford" from the champion, but the football player did not want to leave the Premier League.

Ian Mucha biography

In 2013, the goalkeeper decides to go to FC"Wings of the Soviets" (Samara), the agreement with which was calculated for 2 years. In one of the interviews, the sportsman admitted to journalists that he dreamed of playing for the Russian team, since this country is close to him in spirit.

Samara football club "Wings of the Soviets" soonleft the Premier League. Therefore, Jan Mucha found an alternative for himself - the transition to "Arsenal" (Tula). In the first game in the composition of this team the goalkeeper missed an early goal from the player of "Rubin" (Kazan). But in subsequent matches with such well-known Russian clubs as Spartak, Lokomotiv and Ufa, the goalkeeper not once saved Arsenal, conscientiously defending the goal. In the Russian championship of 2014/2015 season he spent 12 games.

Contract with the "Words"

In 2015, Jan Mucha as a free agentjoined the team from Bratislava. With the Czech club "Slovan" goalkeeper signed a four-year contract. The vice-president of FC declared in the press that it was not so easy to entice the goalkeeper of "Arsenal". The sportsman was interested in a large number of teams from Russia, Belgium, Turkey.

Hobbies footballer

Jan Mucha is very fond of eating: he loves pies with meat and borsch. The goalkeeper, if possible, himself is engaged in cooking meat and fish dishes for family dinners.
Slovak goalkeeper listens to music of different styles andHe is fond of sports. In addition to football, Ian is engaged in snowboarding and diving. Also, the athlete learned to manage a two-seater plane, on which he makes flights with his eldest son over Zhilina. The fly collects T-shirts, in its arsenal there are about 450 copies. The goalkeeper has T-shirts of such football players: Wayne Rooney and Gianluigi Buffon, Tomas Rosicky and Steven Gerrard.

Fly fly goalkeeper

Most of all, Jan loves spending time with his family -wife Simona and four children. The native goalkeeper lives in Liverpool. The family renders great support to the football player: the wife, father, brother and children are often present at matches as fans.

Interesting fact

Thirteen years ago, Ian Mukha was detainedpolicemen. The sportsman was behind the wheel of a personal car. As it turned out, he did not have the right to drive because of the deprivation of rights for some time for violation of traffic rules. The football player was assigned 250 hours of public works, which he did in good faith.

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