They are annoying and unpleasant. From them you wave away, and you can not get rid of or scare this annoying buzzing insect. They are losing their temper. Yes, all these unflattering statements about flies. Man is not very pleased with this neighborhood, but what to do. A fly and a person are always there.

I wonder how much the fly lives? Somebody asked himself this question and got an answer? Let's get acquainted with these insects.

The most interesting thing is that after learning how much the fly lives,each of you, most likely, will be surprised. After all, the life of this annoying and unpleasant insect is very short. But they get bored and podnapryach they manage for their short life, not only people, but animals.

The fly is an insect, dwelling nearbyrights. It feeds on the remains of food and life of a living being. Flies postpone larvae that mature about 3 weeks. The larva develops rapidly. As soon as it turns into a doll, it's only a few days that a fly emerges, capable of producing offspring. She is enough for one and a half days to become an adult from the pupa. Just imagine how many generations of flies are born in a year!

On the other hand, despite this birth rate,most of these insects do not survive a week-old, becoming a food for other terrestrial inhabitants. Birds, frogs, lizards and spiders enjoy eating it with pleasure.

How much do they live?

We will tell at once, how many the fly lives, - not for long. On average, about three weeks, if the living conditions are not quite suitable. But if she finds a decent home: warm and full, it can last longer - about 2-3 months.

Why do these insects live so little? The thing is that they are very dependent on the environment, temperature. To the fly felt normal, the temperature around it should be at least 20 and not more than 25 degrees.

But, speaking about how much the fly lives, it should benote one nuance. If she was born on the eve of winter, then her life will increase much. With a decrease in temperature and the onset of winter days, the insect falls asleep. Simply put, it freezes in one place and looks dead apparently. But it is worth the first rays of the sun to warm her wings and warm her body, how this buzzing intangible insect again wakes up and comes to life.

Flies are everywhere. Harm and benefit of their existence

They are terrible and unpleasant. And they are carriers of diseases. They, flying in garbage and slaughterhouses, can carry the infection into a person's house. Some more flies lay larvae in the wounds of living creatures, which during their ripening feed on the tissues and blood of a person or animal. All this is the truth. For example, in Africa, because of the large number of settlements of flies, declared a state of emergency. Flocks of red-flies have recently increased. It lays the larvae in the body of the animal and the person who eats the body from the inside. As a result of the settlement of such parasites, it is impossible to be saved.

No matter, the fly fly is yoursfound on the table or her wide-winged sister, immediately you want something to slam her. Yes, no person will wish to live with such a creature in the neighborhood. However, it should be noted that flies do not only harm, but also benefit. For example, among them there are those who process dead plants, dead animals. The larva of the fly destroys the caterpillars and fights with the bugs. And there are such individuals who, flying, pollinate flowers and plants.

In short, to say unequivocally that the flies onour planet is not the place - it is impermissible. Yes, in nature everything is interconnected. And, although the fly's age is not so long, for its short existence this insect brings enough benefits.

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