Fabio Coentrao is a universal football player whois able to act equally effectively on the position of both the left midfielder and the flank defender. With a height of 179 cm and a weight of 72 kg, the player has excellent speed qualities.

Fabio Coentrao - biography

fábio coentrao
The future player was born on March 11, 1988. At that time, his parents lived in a provincial Portuguese town called Vila do Conde. Since childhood, the guy dreamed of a career football player, devoting all his free time to training.

First professional contract Fabio Coentraosigned in 2004 with the club "Rio Ave". At that time, the talented player reached just 16 years of age. Debut as part of the new team football player was lucky a year later. However, in the 2005/2006 season the guy played for the team only 3 meetings in the higher Portuguese division. The following year, Fabio Coentrao was entrenched in the first team. However, during this time the team managed to fly to the league's rank below.

During the 2006/2007 season, the progress of the youngplayer was simply obvious. At the same time, public interest in the games in the second league of Portugal was so low that the efforts of the talented football player simply went unnoticed.

In 2007, during the off-season, FabioCoentrao went on an internship in London's Chelsea. As a result of joint training, the coach of the English club Jose Mourinho positively assessed the abilities of the young talent.

In 2007, Fabio Coentrao signed a contract withchampion of Portugal - the team of "Benfica". The debut match in the new team for the midfielder was the game of the Champions League in the third qualifying match against the Belgian "Copenhagen". However, a trusted place on the field at such a crucial moment did not give the player any guarantees of securing in the main cage of the team. Failing to compete with more experienced players in his own position, Fabio soon found himself on loan at the Nacional Club.

In the 2008/2009 season, the player initially"Zaragoza", and later returned to his first professional club - "Rio Avi". Here the midfielder went on the field in 16 meetings, having recorded on his own account 3 goals scored in different matches.

Season 2009/2010 started for Coentrao in statusthe main defender of Benfica. Throughout the year, the footballer held for the team 28 meetings in the championship of Portugal. At the end of the season, the team managed not only to become the champion of the country, but also to win the League Cup.

Career in the club "Real Madrid"

fábio coentrao injury
In 2001 Coentrao was bought from Benficachampion of Spain. The amount indicated in the transaction amounted to a record 30 million euros. The debut match for the player for the new team was a meeting against "Barcelona". In general, for the first year Fabio went on the field in a T-shirt "Real" in 20 matches.

In the same season, the newcomer of the Spanish Grand Prix debuted in the Champions League. The player invariably trusted the place in the starting lineup at the group stage and in the fights for the flight.

In the 2013/2014 season after the arrival of a new coach in the team - Carlo Ancelotti, Coentrao lost his place in the starting lineup. Soon the player signed a lease agreement with the French club "Monaco".

Performances in the national team

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In the summer of 2006, Fabio Coentrao was first invited to the Portuguese national youth team. Together with partners, the player played at the World Youth Championship for players up to the age of 20.

In 2008 Coentrao went to the worldthe championship in South Africa as part of the adult national team of Portugal. Here, the player played four fights in the position of the flank midfielder, handing out the productive programs to the teammates.

At the European Championship-2012 Fabio took part in theall fights for the national team of the country, noting one productive pass. Despite such seemingly mediocre results, Coentrao's actions on the field were positively evaluated by football experts.

At the World Cup 2014, the player entered the field inthe only meeting. In the match against the national team of Germany, an unpleasant game situation took place, in which Fabio Coentrao got. The injury received in a skirmish with the enemy, later forced the midfielder to sit out the rest of the tournament on the bench. However, the case did not end for the player by ousting Portugal from the main cage.

How did the future career in the nationalteam for Fabio Coentrao? Euro 2016 started for the player a new damage. Before the start of the championship it became known that the midfielder will not be able to take part in the tournament, as he needs immediate surgical intervention to eliminate injury to the muscles of the right hip.


fábio coentrão biography
Fabio Coentrao is the holder of the title "Champion of Portugal", has on his account the victories in the Cup of the Portuguese League, which he won together with his partners in "Benfica" in 2009 and 2010.

Midfielder - champion of Spain-2012. In 2013, successful performances for the "Real" allowed him to win the Cup of the country.


To date, Fabio Coentrao stillremains one of the main flanking midfielders of the Portuguese national team. Unfortunately, the propensity to get injured and the high competition for a place in the main part of the "Real" so far do not allow the player to resume performances for the Spanish grandee. However, the midfielder continues to successfully play in the league for "Monaco", helping the new club to achieve new achievements in the European arena.

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