Svetlana Andreeva is the world champion andthree-time European champion. I came to the Taekwondo section at the age of 11, after which I started boxing to put my hands on. Then she moved to kickboxing. She received the title of master of sports of international class and was invited to the team. In 1999, Svetlana moved to Moscow, where she decided to try his luck in women's boxing. This direction had to her liking, so for ever remained Svetlana Andreeva in boxing. Her biography of victories and titles is quite extensive. So, more in detail.

Svetlana Andreeva


In 2010, Svetlana Andreeva graduated from Belgorod State University, where she studied at the sports faculty. By profession, a sportswoman is a teacher of physical culture.


Her first coach was Alexander Melnikov,who immediately noticed the potential in it. He helped Andreeva develop a boxing career and took her to the team, where at the first competition she became the owner of the World Cup in boxing. Svetlana immediately took the prize - gold.

The most important achievement of Andreeva in sportscareer became the title of the world champion in kickboxing, which she received in 2007 in the absolute weight category. Andreeva worked many times in the ring fight club "Arbat", where she managed to win even over the representatives of the stronger sex. She is sure that the sparring partner and coach should be a man, only this will give an opportunity to develop hardening and learn defensive techniques.

Svetlana Andreeva boxing biography


At the moment, Svetlana Andreeva iscoach at the sports-boxing institution KITEK. She prepared athletes such as Svetlana Rogozina, Zulfiya Kutdyusova and other favorites of the Russian women's kickboxing team for the competition.

Svetlana Andreeva takes part in exhibitionand professional battles to this day. She participates in sparring several times a year in order to keep fit and not lose boxing skills.

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