Choosing a type of recreation, like a cruise, you probably get a lot of fun. After all, this is a wonderful way to relax from the city's bustle and change the familiar tense rhythm of life.

River cruise

Being outdoors all the time, you canmix business with pleasure. You will learn a lot of new and interesting information about coastal towns and villages with centuries-old history, get acquainted with their architectural monuments and modern views. Also, they will not leave anyone indifferent to the picturesque landscapes that constantly change along the route of the ship. And all this with complete comfort and without unnecessary movements.

Choosing a cruise on the rivers of Russia on a comfortable river boat (for example, the ship "Alexander Green"), the prices will pleasantly surprise you, as they will be an order of magnitude lower than similar tours in Europe.

The motor ship Alexander Greene

This also explains the increase in the numberwishing to go on a river cruise. The level of service and comfort of the cabins are in no way inferior to foreign ones, and the saturation and uniqueness of excursion programs somewhere even exceeds them. The cost of tours starts from 30000 rubles.

Types of transport

River passenger transport can be divided intotwo segments: the first - transit, local, suburban transportation on regional routes; second - sightseeing and tourist transportation. The second segment, of course, is more cost-effective, and river passenger ships used for sightseeing tours and cruises have an elevated level of comfort.

Cruises from Moscow

The most popular are the four-deck andthree-deck vessels of German, Austrian and Czech construction. Indicators of increased comfort are the availability of individual bathrooms, ventilation and air conditioning systems in the cabins, restaurants, bars, shops, concert halls and other.

"Alexander Green"

One such luxury vesselis a cruise ship "Alexander Green". It was built in Austria in 1984, but in 2012 it was completely rebuilt at the Nobel Brothers shipyard. Updated parts of the hull and all the internal elements, in the end it turned out to be a practically new vessel.

Motor ship Alexander Green - reviews

Before the major repairs, the ship was named after the Russian poet Alexander Blok. The updated boat was given a new name, consonant with the previous one - "Alexander Green".

To date, a modern cruise ship"Alexander Green" is 56 comfortable cabins, restaurant, gym, bar, children's playroom, beauty salon. Each cabin has an individual balcony, a bathroom, satellite TV, wireless Internet access. The passenger elevator connects all the decks of the ship. On the upper deck there are deckchairs for tourists.

Service on board is carried out by personnel and crew of 78 people. Quality of service is not inferior to foreign and corresponds to the level of four-star hotels.

The motor ship "Alexander Green" was built on the lastthe word technology, which ensures the safe operation of the vessel in all conditions. That is why it was included in the program of cruises along the Ladoga and Onega lakes.

Cruises from Moscow

River cruises from Moscow have long been verypopular and offer a lot of directions, routes. Excursion tour can be selected depending on the planned time for rest. So, a weekend cruise (3-4 days) will allow you to get acquainted with the many sights of such Russian cities as Uglich, Tver, Konstantinovo. Also you can visit the favorite recreation places of Muscovites - Sosenki and Khvoyny Bor.

motor ship aleander green prices

Going on a cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg (6-9 days), you will make a magnificent trip along the river with a stop at Valaam, Mandrogi, Svirstroy.

"Moscow round-the-world trip" (9-11 days) isfascinating journey, the path of which lies along the Volga, the Oka, the Moscow River. It runs along the route Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Moscow with a call in Murom, Kostroma, Yaroslavl and other cities. This route is one of the few ring routes with a length of about 2000 km. At the same time the ship does not pass in the same place twice.

A lot of interesting and exciting can be seen by going on river cruises from Moscow to the Solovetsky Islands (11-13 days), the "Golden Ring" (6-9 days) and many others.

To the Arctic Circle

Recently gaining a special popularityCruises along the rivers of Siberia fully justify their high cost. If only recently this direction seemed too far away and unattractive, now cruises along the Amur and Yenisei conquer the hearts of their visitors. You have a unique opportunity to choose one of the proposed routes:

  • on the Yenisei and the Krasnoyarsk Sea;
  • on Amur from Khabarovsk;
  • from Novosibirsk to Salekhard, to the Arctic Circle.

During this fascinating journey, youyou can see the white and Himalayan bear, Amur tiger, reindeer and many other animals - the cruise includes a visit to the Amur Zoo in Khabarovsk.

river passenger ships

You will visit Troitsky, the largest Nanaian settlement. You will be pleasantly surprised to be in the taiga balneological resort, famous for its hot springs.

Visit the natural monument "Rock outcropsAmur Pillars ", which is a granite column with a height of 12 to 70 meters in various shapes, located on the slopes and top of a hill with a height of 885 meters. You will also have the opportunity to witness the lifting of the ship on the only ship lift in Russia and transfer it through the dam of Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station to the Krasnoyarsk Sea.

And a lot of incredible and amazing adventures are given cruises in Siberia. You will be conquered by the extraordinary beauty of the landscapes of this wonderful and harsh land.


People who have been on a river cruise are in a hurryshare their unforgettable impressions and emotions. They leave a large number of reviews, mostly, of course, positive. Pleasant, rich, fascinating, comfortable and at home cozy rest much to liking.

The motor ship "Alexander Green" reviews also receivesalmost all positive. Visitors like the atmosphere, the variety of cuisine, the individual approach to each client, and the good organization of day and evening programs.

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