Moshkovskaya Emma Efraimovna was born in 1926 in Moscow. As she herself recalled, she spent her childhood in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, love and friendliness. Her uncles are known throughout the country:

  • M. Moshkovsky is the founder of pharmacology in Russia;
  • Y. Moshkovsky is a polar pilot.


Moshkovskaya Emma

As a child, Emma Moshkovskaya began to sing. And it was not bad at it. That is why immediately after school she entered the Gnessin School. After graduating, she worked for 3 years as a soloist in the Philharmonic of the city of Arkhangelsk. However, after this time still returned home. In Moscow, she decided to enter the opera and chorus studio at the conservatory.

Emma did not even think about any literary career of the poetess. Although even then she was happy to write poetry, small comic texts and epigrams, drinking songs.

Children's poems

Only in the 60s she sent to the journal"Murzilka" several of his poems to the court editors. Not only that they were printed, so also her work received excellent marks from such masters as Chukovsky and Marshak. All this prophesied a future children's poetess an excellent career.

In addition to "Murzilka", her poems Moshkovskaya Emmasent and in such magazines as "Leader", "Pioneer". And by 1962 she had already published her own first collection, in which the best children's poems were collected. This book was called "Uncle Shar".

Incredibly quickly gained popularity EmmaMoshkovskaya. Biography confirms this. After the first collection, she began to produce 2-3 books a year. And all of them were incredibly in demand among publishers.


Literary career Moshkovskaya alonepoems for children is not limited. In the 70's, she started writing scripts for films. At the same time, she recorded several records with her children's poems, which Soviet children enjoyed unprecedented popularity.

Emma Moshkovskaya

All poems of the poet were written as ifchild. This style often caused a storm of indignation and criticism from colleagues. Someone even wrote a parody of her works. But Emma Moshkovskaya did not pay close attention to this. After all, the main thing is children's love.

In the last years of his life, the poetess is very illI felt myself. So I did not write anything. She only corrected and completed already begun her poems. They are the basis of the posthumous collections of Emma:

  • "Grandfather Tree";
  • "Good news."


Until now, Emma Moshkovskaya remains popular. Her poems are reprinted, translated into other languages. And the songs that she once wrote together with famous Soviet composers, and now they are performed by pop stars.

Poetess Moshkovskaya Emma remains successful until nowpores. And her secret is simple - she is sincere and genuine in her feelings for children. It's a pity that all her lyrical works, intended for the adult audience, remained unpublished.

Moshkovskaya Emma is the author of numerous collections:

  • "The earth is spinning!";
  • "Uncle Shar";
  • "Listen to the rain";
  • "Zhadina";
  • "One hundred children - a kindergarten" and many others.

In all these books are collected poems that are verysubtly convey the fullness of the child's worldview. They can see the various shades of emotions that children experience during their lifetime. Thanks to the musical education of the poetess, all her poems are surprisingly musical, so they perfectly fit the music. They have long been songs.

Emma Moshkovskaya poetry

And now many realize thatMoshkovskaya is a poet with a capital letter. After all, to please the child, you need to talk with him in one language. And Emma's poems were written as if by a toddler, and not by an adult aunt:

I went to my insult
And he said that I would not go out.
I will never go out,
I will live in it all the years!

Childhood, about which he tells in hisworks of Emma Moshkovskaya, is an islet of happiness. The main characters are children, of course. They are all very different, but incredibly multifaceted. And how I would like it to be like in the poems of the poetess: all the broken cups once again became whole, and my beloved mother was never angry!

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