Russian poetry has always been rich in interestingauthors who raised issues of concern to society. Civil lyric poetry is one of the strongest in Russia. However, the time passed when poets came from the high tribunes and they were listened to by a silent crowd. Now a poem that likes a lot of people becomes a real hit. One of these poems was written by the poet Bondar Svetlana.

Let's talk more about her work, her personal destiny and the place she took thanks to her poetry in social networks.

Sad poem

The modern network is full of creativity of differentauthors. The poems are also different. Weak and strong, optimistic and tragic, memorable and "pale." Therefore it is difficult to find these many authors a grateful and attentive listener.

It happens that a poem published innetwork, consisting of several quatrains, not all users even read to the end. And whatever the authors did: and the husky fee paid attracted, and special managers to promote their creativity in the network hired - nothing helps.

Svetlana cooper poems

But the poetry of this young author was read to the very end by many people and was amazed by the talent of the young poetess.

At the beginning of the work was a modest inscription: Svetlana Bondar "Globe". So what is this poem about, which is called very sad?

A poem about life, the fate of our planet, our homeland, and indeed the whole world, a poem about the search for peace and harmony, the inadmissibility of military conflicts and love for everything living.

Consider this product a little more.

The plot of the poem

Cooper Svetlana clearly outlines the plotimages of his work. She views the globe as an image of the living world, like all of humanity. And on this globe there are a lot of troubles: under the blows of terrorists airplanes and trains are exploding, civilians are dying. The poet recalls the tragedy with the express train from Moscow to Petersburg, speaks of the massive burning of people in Odessa, the war in the Donbass, the tragedy of September 11 in the United States, and the grief of the mothers of Beslan. She mentions the Kursk submarine, Victor Tsoi and Sergei Bodrov, who did not die in her work, but continue to please people with their creativity.

However, Bondar Svetlana understands that all thisonly her dreams, in fact all the tragedies that could be avoided on this earth have already occurred. Some happened by the will of soulless circumstances, others by the will of soulless people.

Svetlana Cooper Born in the Space of Love

The reason for the popularity of the poem

So what is the reason for the popularity of the author's poems?

Apparently, the fact that the poet was able toseveral quatrains convey the spirit of their time, tell about the country, the world, the charms of ordinary people who watch news on TV every day. As if all of us wanted all the described tragedies to not happen on this globe! But, unfortunately, we can not help it.

Much could tell their verses trulyPeople's poetess Svetlana Bondar. "Birth in the space of love" is what one of her works is called. Indeed, love - that's what a modern inhabitant of a metropolis lacks, who consumes television news every day and stops responding to the pain of people unfamiliar to him.

But only where to find this love? The author gives his readers the answer to this burning question, because love must be sought in one's heart.

cooper Svetlana

Who is Bondar Svetlana? A little about the author

The title of a national poet is a special merit. This is both public recognition and special responsibility.

Svetlana is a very modest person. She lives in the Stavropol Territory, brings up two children. She is still a very young woman, she is a psychologist by training.

Svetlana Cooper Globe

Her poems, especially about the globe, oftenare printed on social networks. Sometimes authorship is not indicated. However, these poems are gaining a lot of likes and repots, which indicates that they are in demand by users of the network. Many people think the same way as the author, experiencing the same feelings. It should be noted that, as Svetlana Bondar herself admits, she wrote a poem about a broken globe under the impression of a tragedy with a Russian Boeing crashed as a result of the terrorist attack in the sky of Egypt.

Let's wish the young author new creative successes and glory.

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