What can be more intimate than sexual intimacymen and women? Only long and sensual kisses with the tongue. It is this passionate impulse that serves as a start to the beginning of more frank caresses. Light touch of the lips, gentle biting and the trembling of the breath of the partners make them want more, completely and completely immersed in the pool of pleasure. It is very important to feel the preferences of a person and kiss exactly as he likes. Otherwise, the effect can get crumpled.

Kisses in vzasos help the girl to relax,tune in to continue the evening in the arms of a man. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to do them correctly, so that the partner gets real pleasure and literally melts from the rolling excitement. In fact, it's enough just to let go of yourself in a moral and ethical way, to remove the constraining passion of fetters. Then all the instincts must get the upper hand. In this case, all kisses with the language will turn out to be frank and sensual. But what if the opposite sex has repeatedly pointed out the shortcomings, when you showed your emotions this way? Hence, it is time to learn about the basic rules and techniques of the ideal "French" kiss.

The meaning of a kiss with the language is clear to everyone. He shows your partner your sincere sympathy, passion and desire to move closer to each other. They say that it is this manifestation of feelings that will immediately show how your chosen one treats you. If she responds reciprocated with no less ardor, then you also like her very much.

Kissing with the tongue is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. There are several interesting points that need to be considered in order to get a girl, and not to scare her off.

  • Do not immediately attack the partner. This way will work only if the girl is passionate, and also starved for masculine caresses for at least a couple of months. Otherwise, she will simply be frightened and back away, as excessive speed and pressure do not tune too much to a romantic mood.
  • Start from afar. Nothing so embellishes a man in female eyes, like a kiss of the hand. Touch your lips to the back of her hand. Shine in the eyes will give the girl the desire to let you in a little closer to yourself. Now you can go up to your shoulder, cheek and only then touch your lips. Do it deliberately slow, so that the girl has a desire to get closer to you.
  • Gently grasp her mouth with your lips. Remember that kissing the tongue begins always innocently and somewhat embarrassed. Touch the hand to her cheek, slide your fingers around the neck, lips. Let the girl feel your hot, excited breath. Touch the tip of your nose to hers.
  • Do not try to slip the tongue right away. This is not all like. Tip the tip gently along the edge of the lips, as if you taste them. If the partner has reciprocated, then you can mentally congratulate yourself on the successful beginning of a passionate evening (night).
  • Do everything slowly and with alignment. Do not open your mouth too wide, otherwise the girl may simply be uncomfortable. Try to follow her movements. Your partner will tell you exactly how she likes it.
  • Kissing with language is not just a manifestationsympathy. Thus, you touch several very important erogenous points on the body of a woman. After all, not only the lips, but also the tongue, the sky, the inner side of the cheeks are sensitive to caresses. Try to pass as tenderly as possible on these areas with the tip of the tongue. If you do everything right, the girl will calmly close her eyes, start to breathe more often and inconsistently, cheeks will acquire a slight pink tint. Well, if she makes a quiet, languid groan behind all this, then you already know what to do next. Enjoy your night and an unforgettable pastime.
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