Many couples who were only recentlyare happy, in one far from perfect moment they understand that it is time to think about how to save the family. It's always not easy, but fortunately, it's possible. The exalted period of gifting each other with gifts and bright expectations continues in relationships not as long as we would like. When a couple becomes a family, a complex daily work begins on her well-being and happy coexistence. Family crises in the life of the family will be many, so do not be afraid of them. Divorce - this is the last resort, but how to keep the family you need to try to find out.

Determine that the relationship has reached a dead end can besome signs. Therefore, before you get advice on how to save your family, you need to understand that you really need it. First, you began to notice that the scandals gradually became public and even the presence of children does not interfere with their development. Secondly, in your quarrels, logical and understandable arguments have disappeared, only mutual accusations have been left and you are increasingly turning to personalities ("you are a fool", "you are like your mother", "this is your upbringing," and so on). Thirdly, the husband has long ceased to be interested in household issues, and the wife on the contrary, except for cleaning and rags, sees nothing, including her own untidy appearance. Fourthly, one of you constantly evades from having sex. Fifthly, there are fewer conflicts, and a dead silence comes to their stead. This is the last stage and you need to take urgent measures and maybe even turn to a family psychologist who will tell you how to cope with the situation and whether to save the family at all.

Crises in your life will be a huge amount. You need to be ready for them and learn how to overcome them with honor. The honeymoon crisis arises at the initial stage of family relationships, when trifles that previously did not irritate become noticeable and cause a minimum - bewilderment, maximum - irritation. The crisis of the firstborn always comes after the birth of the child. The husband is dissatisfied with the lack of proper attention and sex, and the wife is constantly exhausted and tired. Biochemical crisis means that after a few years of family life for sex, one attraction is not enough, as it weakens. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to have other common interests. The crisis of the daily routine, the driven housewives, the middle of life and many many others are threatening to disturb the well-being of your family. In order for them to pass as imperceptibly and gently as possible, it is necessary to know some rules of how to save the family.

First of all, one must learn to think inpositive key. Negative is simply to be excluded from your head. Your mood can be improved only by you and no one except you. Stop complaining to friends about the second half. Better try to find good qualities in a partner and boast of them. Learn to celebrate all the useful things that your half does around the house - appreciate it and do not demand too much.

Take for the rule never to meet your husband withwork with a sullen or sour expression. It is better to share with him a positive attitude and be a beautiful, joyful and contented life. A woman, besides home affairs, must also deal with her appearance. Do not wear an old gown at home or pants with stretched knees. You need to be a queen even without makeup and makeup. Love yourself - this is the main condition that the husband will also love and appreciate you. Stop controlling everything in the second half, give him more freedom. Sex should occupy an important place in your life, do not deprive yourself of the joy of intimate communication with your spouse because of quarrel or not washed dishes.

Ways to save the family a lot. Choose the most suitable for yourself and make this behavior familiar to yourself and to your husband.

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