Women tend to feel betrayal intuitively. But, the final conclusions should be made only after confirmation of all their suspicions. And if all the same the husband the mistress what to do or make in that case?

Of course, first of all it is necessarycalm down and try not to do anything stupid. Moreover, you can regret it later. For most women, panic in this situation is quite normal. Immediately, calls begin to your best friend with a request to listen and advise. And this should not be done in any case! It is best to assess the situation yourself without any help from outsiders, although it will not be so easy to do. Emotions always prevailed over us.

So, my husband's mistress, what should I do? First of all, determine your attitude to your husband at the moment, and with impartiality. It is possible that he is hopeless and long bored. The current situation can serve as a good excuse to part with her husband. And you easily accuse him of everything.

In the event that a divorce is not included in your plans,and you want to save the family, then it will take a little effort. In the future, all your actions directly depend only on the answer to one question: "Why does he do this?". You need to determine the exact cause of his betrayal, that is, whether your husband has a serious relationship or is just sex.

What do psychologists advise if a husband has a mistress. What do you do in this situation? Do not recommend specialists to arrange "disassembly" with mutual insults and smashing utensils. If the decision to keep the family unshakable, then actions of this kind will only scare off your man. Although, I will not argue, I want to arrange a grandiose scandal.

If you are sure that the husband has fallen in love with another,what to do then? Be sure to find out the severity of their relationship. To do this, find out how long they already meet. If a lot of time has passed, then, accordingly, these relations are significant for your husband. In the event that your spouse is just looking for easy prey on the side, there's nothing to worry about. It will not be a secret for anybody that a large number of married men quite often just look for adventures on the side. So they try to brighten up their lives.

Sometimes asking myself the question "my husband's mistress, thatdo? "Many women do not realize that they themselves are the direct cause of this. Having lived together for several years, it happens that the wife calms down, completely goes into domestic affairs and problems and completely forgets about herself. She does not pay attention to how she looks. There are various kinds of reproaches towards her husband. The house heard constant discontent. Agree, who will like this situation? Of course, do not go down to this. But, if the moment is already lost, it is necessary to change itself.

Yes, the betrayal of a husband, what to do in this case is a question that worries many women. And, at times, a considerable number of them drops even to watch over their spouse. Do not do this! It's not worth it.

As soon as the cause of betrayal becomes known to you,try to look at the situation from the inside as a disinterested person. If it's just an affair, then do your utmost to brighten up your family life. Try to look good even at home. Create your husband a comfortable stay in the family. Then it will no longer be pulled to the side. In doing so, do everything unobtrusively.

Most importantly, if your husband did takedecision, final and irrevocable, to leave you, then it is already impossible to change anything. Such is the masculine nature! But, even here you do not need to despair. If it is still important for you that your husband be with you, wait for this storm of passion. Perhaps sooner or later he will return to you!

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