At all times, cute, beautiful andmodest girls. But the trouble is, now these ladies, to put it mildly, do not always have the demand of representatives of the opposite sex. Why is this happening? Why do guys like bad girls?

why guys like bad girls

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Before you understand this issue, it is worthdetermine the very concept. So who are they, the bad girls? These are not the ladies who are indecently expressed, smoke makhorka and do nothing for days? The bad girls that men like so much can be a bit insolent - it's necessary to achieve one's own, to achieve goals, self-confident - to get everything you want. This is by no means those compliant, submissive ladies who were in demand in the last century. Such women today, alas, simply do not survive in the modern world.

Reason 1

So why do guys like bad girls? The first thing that is worth noting, with him, men are simply more interesting. Maybe even there are some points of contact. A bad girl can easily support a conversation in a male team, she will be interested in hunting or extreme sports. She is her man in any male company.

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Reason 2

The next reason why guys like badgirls: there is an opinion that such ladies are simply terrific in bed and can satisfy the desire of any man. They are completely liberated in the sphere of intimate life. If a guy loves a girl, a photo in the nude of his lover can even be in the purse of a man, and this is not a bad girl at all!

Reason 3

It's worth mentioning the next reason why guyslike bad girls: it's just that these ladies never cry. With them you can agree calmly, without hysteria. And the tears and whims of men are simply disabling, forcing to act contrary to common sense.

Reason 4

Also, guys like bad girls because of their habits. Such a woman will never bother a man with a tossed under her chair, because she herself can sometimes do so.

why do guys like girls

Reason 5

Why do guys like girls who are acceptedto call bad? The answer can be their wardrobe. These ladies do not hesitate to wear a short skirt, a deep neckline and boots with heels. And this kind of outfit for the opposite sex people like.

Reason 6

Bad girls also do not rush to start withmen long relationship. Sex for one night - no problem, a couple of dates - not a question. This lady will not insist that it's time to get acquainted with the parents of each other or to set a date for the wedding.

Reason 7

Also, men like bad girls, because they havemost often there are no complexes. They are completely confident in themselves and their strengths, so they will not bother the man with questions "What's wrong with me?". And this is very important in dealing with guys.


They say that men like bad girls. This is true, but for some reason they always marry diligent women who do not have an interesting story behind them. So before deciding to become a bad girl, it is worthwhile to think about the future as well, because such ladies are in demand with guys only up to a certain point.

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