All children are different. It is very difficult to find in the world two strangers to each other, but still similar to a baby. However, there are two large groups that can be divided into not only children but also all people: a group of men and women.

how do boys differ from girls

Sexual signs

So, how do boys differ from girls? Even in the womb, doctors can separate embryos by gender, distinguishing between female and male genital organs. On the same principle, and the children identify themselves, depending on what kind of sexual organs they have available - "girlish" or "boyish".


In addition to the primary physiological characteristics ofAre the boys different from the girls yet? So, girls hear high-pitched sounds better than boys. But the guys will soon understand where the sound comes from, rather than the fair sex. Why is this happening? It's simple: instincts have been preserved since the time when men had to hunt, and women constantly hear where their children are. For the same reason, women have much better peripheral vision to be able to keep track of their offspring. Men only see perfectly what is right in front of them. What is the difference between boys and girls? Girls are beginning to talk, guys are more reserved in colloquial speech. And again, everything has been going on since ancient times, when women needed to talk a lot to entertain their own children, men were simply not needed to hunt.

the difference between girls and boys


What is the difference between boys and girls? A huge difference exists in the psychological component. For example, girls are more obedient than boys. All this because the ladies are much easier to adapt to the new environment and the environment. However, guys are more willing to excel in their studies and new occupations than girls. They constantly need praise and approval. Following, again, the history, it is worth noting that the guys are much more inventive than the representatives of the beautiful half. As for the work, the girls quickly get into any kind of activity, the boys need more time for this. However, this does not in the least affect the final result, the positive finish in the work usually reach both sexes simultaneously. Interesting is the fact that guys need a lot more space than ladies. Girls already from an early age like secluded corners, dark places, where you can settle and build yourself a nest. Boys need to run around the house, "marking the territory" with scattered toys. And the last difference between girls and boys: guys perceive the world with their eyes, girls are more susceptible to hearing. Although there may be exceptions, which will be already individual.

difference between boys and girls


A very significant difference between boys and girlsgirls is in their upbringing. Girls grow more emotional, boys - restrained. Guys should be defenders, girls - keepers of the family hearth. Depending on this, girls and boys have their toys and their entertainment that copy the behavior of adults. And it is education that puts the last and most important point in distinguishing boys from girls in society.

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