Causal place ... Interesting word combination,which makes many of us blush. Where did this expression come from? Is it worth covering the causal places of the sculptures? Is there a place for nude style in a civilized and cultural society? The most famous sculptures with naked sexual organs are the cultural heritage of the Earth. Where on the planet is absolutely not shy of phalluses and a beautiful female body? Let's talk about this in this article.

Where did the expression "causal place" come from? Why is it called? The first version is the reason for the appearance of any person in the world. According to the second version (according to Dal's dictionary), causal places are something important in military affairs, something that requires protection and strengthening. The emergence of the word combination is associated with high moral standards of youth.

So, we figured out where it came fromthe phrase "causal place". A synonym for expression is the male sexual organ, the penis. People say: tickling, vanka-vstanka, soul killer. A synonym for the female causative place is the vagina, the vagina, the womb.

causative places

Manneken Pis

Probably, there is no person in the whole world who does notknows about the existence of the statue of the Manneken Pis. This is a small sculpture cast from bronze, located in the capital of Belgium. There is such a version of the appearance of the statue. The child, celebrating a small need, was made in memory of a boy who, with a stream of urine, extinguished the ammunition of his enemies.

Faun Barberini

It is a statue made of marble, created by an unknown artist around 200 BC. e. The sculptor portrayed the fallen asleep faun. All parts of the body of the faun, including the genitals, are well-worked by the artist.


In Florence, at the Academy of Fine Arts,is one of the most beautiful nude marble statues of a man. The work of Michelangelo is a real ode to the ideal male proportions and masculine dignity. The height of the statue is five meters.

Uncovered causal place for women in the most famous sculptures in the world

Fashion on sculptures depicting nudefemale bodies, Peter 1 introduced. The causal place of the sculptures was, as a rule, covered. The emperor placed in his summer garden a statue of Venus de Milo. Thus, he tried to connect people close to him to the perception of the beautiful.

Venus of Milo is the marble statue of the goddess Aphrodite. Sculpture was found in 1820 on the island of Melos. That's where the name of the goddess came from. The causal place of the sculpture is covered with a piece of cloth.

causal place why so called

Venus Kallipiga is Aphrodite with beautifulbuttocks. The sculpture was found in the Golden House of Nero. Today, the statue is kept in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. The goddess is dressed in a thin, dangling tunic, the hem of which she gracefully lifted, revealing the buttocks of the ideal shape and the feminine causal place.

Beauty in the nude style is not only in stone sculptures. Many artists painted beautiful naked women with undisguised genitals and did not consider this something shameful.

One of the most famous canvases is "BirthVenus ". Its author is a famous academician named Bugro. The painting depicts Venus, which is born from the foam of the sea and moves in the sink. The woman is completely naked, and her causal place is not covered.

Modern sculptures in the style of nude

Mark Quinn presented an interesting sculpture to the world. His work is bold, unusual, beautiful. The brightest of them is called "Siren": naked Kate Moss, twisted in an unusual pose. It seems that the statue is made of gold.

Causal place in women

The most famous sculpture parks dedicated to the genitals

Phallus Park in South Korea

South Koreans are famous for their freemanners. When visiting this country, do not forget to visit the park of the phallus. Here, no one hesitates to consider the male causal places. Photo of the park you can see below.

Causal place in women

How did this strange place come about? Local residents tell a legend about a girl who fell from a cliff near the park and drowned in the sea. The drowned woman was a virgin who had not tasted physical love. Apparently, the girl's soul could not calm down, because many ships were destroyed near these rocks. The situation changed when one of the sailors pissed in the sea from the cliff. Then the locals decided that the drowned woman would like to see the man's dignity.

Park "Land of Love"

Another place in South Korea with sculpturesfrivolous content - the park of erotic images "Land of Love". It is located on the island of Jeju, which is called the Korean Hawaii because of its amazingly beautiful nature and this unusual place.

Causes of sculpture almost nowhere elseit is seen. The statues look dignified and beautiful. They illustrate the different poses that lovers indulge themselves in. The park is dedicated to erotica and art: there are 140 sculptures, there are screenings of educational films.

Causes of photo

Previously, the park was very popular with newlyweds. Even in the twentieth century, parents selected their fiancees on their own. Young newlyweds could get acquainted only at the wedding and, naturally, did not understand anything in carnal pleasures. On the island, the Center for the Sexual Education of Couples was organized. Here they taught the intricacies of bedding and helped the young people to be liberated. The park is not allowed to be visited with children under 18 years of age. It can be bypassed in an hour.

Kama Sutra on the walls of the temple

In India, the theme of sex and naked nakedthe body has long been not something shameful. Scenes from an intimate life you can find here in any temple. Such a stone tool is the sun temple in Konarak.

causal place is synonymous with

The causal place in world culture is not a topic for hypocritical conversations. Famous paintings and sculptures with beautiful naked men and women are direct evidence of this.

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