Southern coast of Crimea know everything - riotousvegetation, a special microclimate, a gentle Black Sea ... About the western coast of the Crimea, in particular, about the peninsula of Tarkhankut, much less is known, but still it has its adherents. The places here are less picturesque - a continuous steppe, but because Tarkhankut - a favorite option for recreation fans of scuba diving and caravanning.

Black Sea Crimea reviews
It is here that one of the famousresorts - the village of Chernomorskoe. Crimea, reviews about which are usually full of enthusiasm and optimism, each year attracts many tourists. Located on the shore of the Karkinitsky Bay in the bay Uzkaya, village. Chernomorskoye is known as one of the most ecologically clean places of the Crimean peninsula. It is especially good to have a rest here with the children, as the beaches of Tarkhankut are sandy and shallow, as a result of which the water warms up rather quickly and maintains a comfortable temperature for a long time.

Those who wish to visit a large naturalinhalatorium, it is definitely worth visiting the Black Sea. Crimea, reviews of which sound like a single health resort, it's not only its southern coast. The air of the Black Sea is saturated with a large number of ions of calcium, sodium, iodine and bromine. These natural inhalations are much more useful and effective than in any sanatorium. In addition, the local climate is characterized by low relative humidity, and quickly warmed up in the bay water contributes to a longer bathing season in Tarkhankut and, in particular, in the village of Chernomorskoye. Crimea, boarding houses and holiday homes of which are famous since the Soviet times, always happy with their guests.

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At the service of tourists a lot of inexpensive, butcomfortable places to stay (boarding houses, hotels, hotels, recreation centers, hotel yards, guest houses) both in the village itself and directly at the sea shore. There is a recreation park, equipped with attractions and playgrounds, many cafes, bars, clubs. Here, everyone will find something to their liking. Not for nothing many choose it is the Black Sea. Crimea, reviews of vacation in which it is ranked as one of the most popular places, in fact, such is.

Black Sea Crimean boarding houses
The Tarkhankut peninsula is one of the most famouslandscape reserves, which the Republic of Crimea is famous for. Chernomorskoe, a map of sights of which for those who like to relax close to nature is available for free sale anywhere in the village, this is a real find. Here, the shore of the sea, cut off by a fifty-meter-high ledge, abounding in numerous niches, grottoes, quaint rocks (including the famous Jangul and Atlesh), exotic arches. Here is the famous Underwater Museum, consisting of sculptures and busts of former Soviet leaders, the Museum of Old Anchors, opened in the lighthouse, erected on Cape Tarkhankut in the XIX century. No less famous is the historical monument of Kalos Limen - the remains of the city that existed for four centuries before our era. And the local history and local history museum is worth it to visit.

Anyone who has ever visited these parts, will necessarily want to return here. Tarkhankut, Black Sea, Crimea - reviews about these amazing places abound in rapturous descriptions.

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