Massage always involves relaxation and relaxation. It is difficult to conduct this procedure independently. At least one free pair of hands is required, which will massage certain parts of the body. If everything is simple with a back, legs, shoulders: they need to be kneaded, squeezed, knocked, then with others - not quite. For example, what is an intimate massage? Where is it? In which parts of the body?

what is an intimate massage

Many salons in Thailand offer such a service. What is an intimate massage in their understanding? This is the stimulation of the most sensual points of the body, leading to orgasm. Often this is a direct effect on the intimate organs with hands. In Russia, erotic massage assumes somewhat different.

For example, a large part of the population believes,that this is a personal matter, to deal with which is not in the cabin, but with a loved one. Massage of intimate places in this case will be equated to a prelude to sex, which positively affects the sexual life of partners.

Technology involves massaging:

  • back and buttocks;
    massage of intimate places
  • feet and legs;
  • chest and abdomen;
  • intimate places.

Sometimes during these procedures a person manages toachieve orgasm without stimulating the sex organs. For example, the feet contain a few very sensual points, pressing on which, you can bring a person to satisfaction. This also applies to the toes, which because of the huge number of nerve endings are one of the most striking, but hidden and unexplored erogenous zones. For some reason, they pay little attention, although by several influences on them it is quite possible to lead a person to sexual relaxation.

What is an intimate massage for two lovers? This is an extra reason to thoroughly probe the partner's body. So, the massage can begin with innocent strokes of the back, buttocks, shoulders. To make the procedure more pleasant, you can use aromatic oil or lotion. Suitable heavy and languorous flavors.

intimate massage for men
Intimate massage for men always begins withzones far from the genitals. Depending on the force of pressure and impact, you can easily track the response to touch. If an erection occurs, then the erect penis is touched when all the other zones have already been massaged. Most often, an intimate massage is accompanied by an effect on the prostate. Pleasure it delivers to many of the representatives of both female and male. Massaging should be gentle, without penetration through the sphincter inward. Easy touch and stroking is enough. The inner side of the thighs is very sensitive to touch, regardless of the sex of the person being massaged. Caviar, elbows, shoulders, too, cause a tedious sensation in the lower abdomen, a rush of blood to the genitals.

What is an intimate massage for beginners? This is a slow and methodical study of the partner, gentle touch and stroking. Sometimes, to surprise yourself and your mate, it is enough to visit one session in the salon. Having been in the hands of a professional, having felt the whole charm of the procedure, having studied the technology, one can start independent practice!

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