In recent years, more and more newlyweds,Western model, leave for a honeymoon in a few hours after the painting, only a little sitting with guests in the restaurant. This is quite new for us, a pragmatic approach to the wedding, which also has its own meaning.

But fans of the traditional scenario, whichstill more, usually plan a two-day wedding feast. And if on the first day the main characters are young spouses, then the entire scenario of the second day of the wedding is devoted to entertainment and games for the guests.

Usually at this point, everyone is already well acquainted with each other, so the contests for the second day of the wedding are selected mostly comic, and the "nail programs" are rumored.

At the entrance of the guests meets the "folk healer"which will continue to play the role of toastmaster. She says to the visitors: "Oh, you do not look well today, and you need to clean your karma. Give a penny to the young for happiness, and I'll correct your health. " And he holds out a special basket, to which guests put money, in return handing a pile of vodka "for health". Before the feast begins, the "healer" traditionally breaks several plates and cups - for luck.

Guests can similarly meet and "Inspector GAI", and "homeopathic doctor", and "gypsies" - there are lots of options.

The script for the second day of the wedding is very busycompetitions on the economy of newly married couples. For example, one of them will be able to clean the longest strip of apple peel or potato, it will quickly collect garbage, which constantly toss present.

To really surprise the guests, you caninvite on the second day of the wedding folk craftsmen - potters, blacksmiths or woodworkers, so that young people together with guests could create something for memory: a cup of clay, a figurine made of wood, a horseshoe, a coin.

The traditional scenario of the second day of the wedding includes "fraternization" when young spouses approach parents, drink with them and kiss them three times.

Another good custom of this day: young people plant their "family tree". It will grow, symbolizing the long life and strength of the new family.

On this day, many contests and jokes are held in thehonor the future children of a young couple. For example, with the traditional cutting of a wedding caravan, guests put money on a blue or pink plate. So they wish the spouses to give birth to more sons or daughters.

A young husband is tested in the role of the pope: he is invited to tie a cap, feed, sing a song, take a walk with the "child" - disguised as a guest. At the same time, the "child" is capricious, does not listen and in every possible way provokes his "parent".

In the scenario of the second day of the wedding, you can turn onridiculous disguise of guests in a fake "young family." The role of "husband" is suitable for a short plump woman in a man's suit, in a cap and with painted mustache. A "wife" is a tall thin man, dressed in a woman's dress and brightly made up. Very funny will look like a "baby" - an unshaven man with a pacifier on his neck, a cap on his head and diapers over his trousers. This "family" can play funny scenes from family life or just improvises, entertaining and mixing guests.

In addition, the rascals try to collect moremoney for a young family. For example, during the feast put plates with soup or soup, and do not give spoons. Guests should either buy them out to try a delicious dish, or answer the funny questions correctly.

Great success is enjoyed by auctions: guests are offered personal bottles of champagne with photos of newlyweds on the label, glasses with autographed spouses, other memorable wedding souvenirs.

And do not forget to capture all these entertainments on a photo or video - after all, there will be many reasons for laughing.

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