Modern girls have every reason to consider the guys timid and insecure in themselves. After the recognition of the girl in sympathy they can wait, wait, and never wait. That's why girls have to wrest this recognition themselves with the help of various tricks.

But it's good if the girl herself likes thisguy, but what if she refers to the guy indifferently or in a friendly way? In this case, the guy runs the risk of getting into an extremely unpleasant situation - becoming a friend of the girl he is in love with. This happens often enough. The guy starts to give the girl attention signs, invites to spend time together, actively communicates with her, etc., but does not let the girl understand that he likes him. As a result, the unlucky chevalier becomes a friend for the girl, and it will be extremely difficult for him to get out of this status.

When recognition of the girl in sympathy, finally,ripens in the mind of the "friend", the girl will perceive this as an extremely unpleasant situation. As a boyfriend, she never considered her friend, but she does not want to lose her friend, therefore the relationship is likely to return to the friendly channel, and it is unlikely that this couple will succeed in the future.

The conclusion is simple. You can not delay the recognition. It is necessary from the very first meeting to show that you consider a girl as a girl, and not as a pleasant interlocutor. After the recognition of the girl in sympathy - this, by no means, does not recognize her in love, it does not oblige to anything. You simply let her know that she is interesting to you, and you would not mind if your relationship reached a new level.

For this, it is not necessary to use words, anddirectly say that she likes you. Light half-hints act in this situation more effectively. You should flirt with the girl, make compliments to her, mark how she looks, show jealousy in a jocular manner, etc. All this is clear signals to the girl that she likes you. If you do not submit them, you will automatically be transferred to the category of friends once and for all.

However, from the stage of easy flirting you need timego out, otherwise you will again become her friend, only a friend with whom you can be a bit flirtatious. If you are not attracted to such a prospect, then start collecting ideas of a declaration of love for your girlfriend from the very first date.

To recognize in love, you must take maximumresponsibly. In your relations this is a turning point, and also a very memorable moment for both the girl and you. If you will meet her for many more years, and perhaps, and marry her, you will remember this magical moment again and again for many more years. Therefore, for recognition in love, carefully prepare, choose a suitable place and time, try to create your girlfriend a romantic mood, before you say the magic words.

If recognition of a girl in sympathy can be spontaneous, then a declaration of lovethe girl must wait for herself. Otherwise, her reaction may be ambiguous. But also do not lag behind your recognition. If your relationship has long entered a romantic channel, do not harass your girl, open her feelings before her.

The form of recognition can be absolutely any. If you are terribly shy of this moment, then you can tell about your feelings in the form of a game or some secret message. Girls are very fond of encrypted confessions of love, since they leave behind a slight taste of the riddle.

But the main thing is not to be afraid and not to pull with yourconfessions. For a girl, nothing is more important than feeling loved, so it's useless to feel embarrassed about how she reacts to the manifestation of your feelings. Even if she does not reciprocate you, she will be very flattered and certainly will not make you laugh. In any case, it's better than loving a person and being afraid to admit it to him.

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