During the time that the bride and groom lived from the day of the wedding, the impression and excitement of the celebration are smoothed out.

10 years of congratulations on your wedding day
But the longer the couple live together, the stronger they areunion. Appears priceless memories, trifles. Congratulations on the wedding day for 10 years - an occasion to recall each of them. They will prove that there is no less love and happiness ahead!

There is no end to joy

"Today is a day that not only you are proud of! Family, friends and relatives - we are all incredibly happy that 10 years have passed since the wedding! For someone, they flew quickly, for others they were streaming slowly. During this time, many things changed, but your union remained firm and unshakable. Many roads have passed, a lot of difficulties have left far behind. I wish that joy, love and devotion to each other always multiplied and they never had an end! "

Serious date

"To prepare a congratulation in 10 years of marriage- very nice and honorable! This is your first round date as a husband and wife! Together lived more than three thousand days! Each of them taught something new: to compromise, to be tolerant, to respect and share interests, to make difficult decisions, to bear responsibility. All these lessons you have mastered and successfully continue to follow. Let the love go on next, despite the fatigue, rainy weather and the first wrinkles. I wish you to celebrate more than one anniversary of your family! "

Time checking

"In the people every anniversary has its name.

10 years of joint life congratulations
10 years of family life is called a tin wedding. Compared with chintz, paper, wood, leather and other materials - this one is much stronger and more reliable. However, softness is also characteristic of him. This is what your life should be like! Let her not be afraid of difficulties, and each of them will only strengthen the family. I wish that when you come home, you can always feel the warmth of embracing and the tenderness of words and smiles! Suffering and all new perspectives to you! "

Just a few words

"My congratulations on the wedding day for 10 yearsshort, but in life sometimes only a few words, so that the whole world is transformed. Sometimes only one. 10 years ago, you both said "Yes", and this moment will never be forgotten. Love as much, understand each other with polvzglyada, fill every day with smiles and colors. Remember - you can arrange a honeymoon at least 12 times a year! "

Poetry and the Prose of Life

"This poetry is a storm of congratulations withwedding day for 10 years. Prose is three thousand days preceding it. Let not each of them was bright and memorable, the main thing - the feeling of a kindred soul, which is near. Favorite words, songs, moments - together they will not let you forget about feelings, thanks to which there is an occasion to celebrate such a smart date! Always find time for the family, because only it represents the true value! May happiness never leave your home! "

Long-awaited meeting

"A funny word game: a guy and a girl meet.

with a wedding day 10 years of congratulations prose
But this can last several years. There is a logical question - have they finally met? Probably, the wedding is the place where the two halves find each other. But what then? You can say with certainty that this life stage was a success. It's been 10 years already, but my feelings have not died out. They are burning, and I wish that this fire will warm you and illuminate every new day! Let the long-awaited meeting of two lovers will never be in vain! "

An Enviable Collection

"There is already a lot in this family bankanniversaries. And let them surprise you with pleasant words is not so simple, but nevertheless here is my congratulation on your wedding day. 10 years is a round date. Let it be the first of many, and friends and relatives will torture you with toast! I wish that the tin became the basis for stronger and stronger materials! There is only joy, happiness and love ahead! So try them full! "

Weather in the house

"The family life of each individual coupleis formed in completely different ways. But it is from the couple that "the weather in the house" depends. I wish that it would remain as sunny. Let the wind, rain and thunderstorms do not violate your plans. Do not listen to extraneous "meteorologists" who are trying to impose their forecast. Let a gloomy day serve as an excuse to get under a soft blanket and hug each other stronger! "

My prop

"Today, many beautiful words addressed to our couple were said.

short congratulations on the wedding day 10 years
But I would like to add to their list of congratulationshusband for 10 years from the date of the wedding. We together came to our first round date. Thank you for the incredible patience, because during these years, everything happened; for understanding and love. You made my life better! For you, always want to cook a delicious dinner, create a cosiness. I wish us only positive emotions and a lot of happiness! "

Beloved husband

"10 years ago we became a family! And today, dear husband, I again want to congratulate you on the fact that we have each other! Material benefits make life much easier, but when there is no loved one nearby, they all just fill a huge void. I'm very glad that thanks to you every day is filled with love, smiles and pleasant moments. Remain the same kind, loyal, sincere and present! "

The secret of love

"Every couple who has lived together for a long time,finds his secret of love. The fact that for 10 years you care about each other, proves that it is found. I want to keep it and protect it. Let love never become a habit, and eyes still glow with tenderness! Happy anniversary to you! "

The best wife

"Today is our 10 years of marriage! Congratulations from the guests cause a storm of emotions!

10th Anniversary of the Wedding of Congratulations to her husband
I can proudly say that I never regrettedthat he had parted with a bachelor life. My wife has created a cozy and warm family hearth. She gave me children. Her love is enough for everyone. You understand me, you feel when your heart is heavy, and instantly you take this load off. I wish you patience and only happy days! "

Eternal Romance

"Today our wonderful friends are celebrating theirthe first round anniversary - 10 years! The people call it tin, as the married life has become more solid by this moment. But this material has other properties. It is generally believed that he is also able to be gentle, like the husband and his wife, who have learned to yield to each other. The second name for such an important anniversary is pink. All because for 10 years married couples could leave a romantic, and a chic bouquet should remind the couple about her. I wish you always feel like a bride and groom! Let the well-being of the family only grow, and all planned plans are implemented! "

Justified risk

"I want to say my congratulations on the wedding dayfor 10 years. It will not be funny, because I'm very worried. To entrust your heart to another person is always a risk, but you not only went to it, but proved that it was not in vain! I wish to continue to trust each other, to appreciate and respect the spouse, to see in him good and to accept the bad, to love more and more day by day! Let you bypass the bad side, and we will note yet another round date! "

Personal happiness

"Happiness does not need big words. It consists of small things, thanks to which each new day becomes special. My congratulations on the wedding day for 10 years - a desire not to lose it. Remember that you most appreciate in the wife that it is unique. After meeting years ago, do not ever leave! Let the happiness knock on the windows and doors of your family nest and be in it a frequent guest! "

funny congratulations on a wedding day 10 years

These congratulations will certainly help to findsuitable words for the perpetrators of the celebration. Said from the heart, they will touch the hearts of spouses and guests, create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The excitement can not prevent you from saying a beautiful toast. Fill the holiday with positive emotions!

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