Children of Igor Nikolaev are interesting to the public thanks toknown activities of his father: producer, singer and composer. The personal life of a successful musician is under the close attention of fans. And his wives gave him two daughters.

Briefly about the singer's personal life

Children of Igor Nikolaev were born from different wives in cities for several thousand kilometers. The firstborn appeared when his father was 18 years old. The second child was the result of a third marriage.

children of Igor Nikolaev

The native place of the composer is Sakhalin. The study presented two gifts at once: first Igor married, then the first child appeared: Yulia's daughter from Elena's wife. The second marriage was already at the height of the singer's career, he connected his life with Natasha Koroleva. The couple's personal life was intense, it ended with a divorce.

The third spouse, Proskuryakova Julia, gave birth to a daughter in 2015. Fans found in his next wife some resemblance to the previous singer's choice. The composer became a father in 55 years.

About daughters

Children of Igor Nikolaev have a difference at the age of 35:

  1. The first daughter of Yulia was born in 1978to become a singer. She graduated from the World School of Arts in Miami. In childhood I remembered the audience participation in the program "Good night, kids." At the age of 10, she starred in the video of the well-known Alla Pugacheva - "Uninvited Guest". When she turned 18, her father invited her to participate in the video "I Bless This Night." Mom, Elena Kudryashova0 in 1991, died.
  2. In 2015, Veronika appeared - the parents of Igor Nikolaev and Proskuryakova. Children are familiar with each other. The girl is already a year old, her appearance was an important event.

What is the eldest daughter famous for?

Children of Igor Nikolaev have gained famethanks to the successful career of his father. Julia in her 18 took part in a series of concerts entitled "Vote or lose." Already delivered voice allowed to sing their songs on tour: "Classmate", "Diary".

Julia Proskuryakova and Igor Nikolaev children

Among the further famous performances of Juliafans marked the song "You and I" in the telecast "50x50". They did not get tired and the photo session for the edition of "Speed-info". Later, solo videos with singer's songs "With No One and Never", "The World of Encounters and Separation" were released.

The joint work of Julia and the pope increased her authority:

  • release of the album "Daughter and I";
  • clip "Five reasons";
  • visit with the father of the telecast "Parochki";
  • clip "Little Daughter";
  • public performance at the event of the composer "One Million Beautiful Women";
  • performance at concerts in Russia and America together with his father.

Also Julia was lit in the projects "Secondhalf ", the well-known TV show" Star Factory-4 ". Acquired the status of composer, writing famous music for singers Gurtskaya, Queen. Among singers and fans continues to receive recognition and fame, periodically speaking at major parties.

Appearance of Veronica

The strengthening of relations was the birth of a youngerdaughter, again received additional fame parents: Julia Proskuryakova and Igor Nikolaev. The children of the composer occupy an important part of life. The singer's wife was born abroad. The long-awaited appearance occurred in the clinic of America. For ten years the couple tried to have a joint child, and a miracle happened. Recently he published a photo of the youngest Julia on the page in the "Instagram".

Igor Nikolayev and proskuryakov children

The girl is already actively walking, relying on the crib. Parents are happy to share their happiness with their fans. Mum Julia puts photos in her microblog. The little one is already speaking his first words. Igor Nikolaev places joint pictures of his family and goddaughter Liza, who is the daughter of Alla Pugacheva.

It is noteworthy that the eldest daughter of 35 years younger than Igor's real wife is only 4 years old, and women have the same names - Julia.

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