Many people know the singer and composer Yuri Nikolayev. He created songs for famous performers back in the 90s. In this regard, the question arises as to how old Nikolayev is, if he looks quite young.

Biography of the composer

how old is Nikolay Nikolayev

Nikolaev was born on Sakhalin, in the city of Kholmsk. This significant event occurred in 1960, on January 17. Therefore, it is not at all difficult to calculate that today the maestro is 54 years old. As they say, for a man it's not age. This is how many years I have spent with Igor Nikolaev. To his years, he achieved a lot. It seems that the profession in the world of art for Igor was outlined from above. After all, he was born into a poet's family. His father, Yuri Ivanovich, is a member of the Writers' Union of the USSR. Mother - Svetlana Mitrofanovna - accountant.

Mykolayiv Jr. graduated from the Sakhalin Music School in violin in 1974. Then the talented young man was admitted to the Conservatory. Tchaikovsky in the city of Moscow.

Pretty soon began to arrange his personallife Igor Nikolaev. Biography of the artist in 1978 replenished with a significant event - his daughter Julia is born. That's how in 18 years, Igor becomes a father.

Musical career

Igor Nikolaev biography

At the age of 20 Nikolayev was in the "Rezital" ensemble,where she works together with Alla Pugacheva. That's how much Igor Nikolaev was in the year of their historic meeting. If the paths of talented people did not intersect, the world would not have heard the songs "Iceberg" (1983), "Tell the Birds" (1983), "The Ferryman" (1985) performed by the Diva. In the same year 1985 the composer wrote the hit "Komarovo", which was performed with brilliance by Igor Sklyar.

In 1986, Igor Yurievich tries himself as an artist. And his debut as a singer was a success. The song "Mill" was very popular with listeners.

In 1987 Nikolayev was already releasing a whole albumof his songs and in the same year he goes with Alla Pugacheva to Japan, where she performs her song "One Hundred Friends" in Japanese. In total, this composer and performer has already reached the age of 27. That's how much Igor Nikolaev was fulfilled when he was recognized only in the USSR, but also in Japan.

Back in 1985, maestro's songs won the "Song of the Year" competition and since then his name has sounded not only on these, but also on other musical competitions.

Personal life

Igor Nikolayev, how many years?

Igor Nikolaev wrote more than a hundred hits. They were sung and sung by Pugachev, Sklyar, Allegrova, Leontiev and other famous singers. In the full sense of the word, he gave a "ticket to life" and Natasha Koroleva. Sixteen-year-old girl performed songs "Yellow Tulips", "Dolphin and Mermaid" and others. After that, she suddenly became famous. When Natalia was 18 years old, the couple began to live together. At that time Igor was 31 years old.

According to Koroleva herself, in one beautifulshe wondered if she was happy. And she answered herself that she did not. The singer is frank that one of the main reasons for divorce is Nikolaev's lack of sexual energy. After parting, the maestro lived for a long time alone. Igor participated in the TV show, where he chose his bride, but he did not associate his life with any of those girls.

However, fate smiled at the composer, and hemet Yulia Proskuryakova. At the age of 50 Igor Nikolayev entered the third marriage. How many years will the couple live together - no one knows. But I want this marriage to be long and last.

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