Virtually any tropical grass, sweet ontaste, is widely used in many areas of human life. It can be eaten, medicated or, for example, used in the manufacture of perfume products.

Useful Banana

tropical grass sweet to the taste
The most common tropical grass,sweet to the taste, is, of course, a banana. Most people mistakenly believe that this is a fruit. But actually it is not. Bananas are the real grass, only big. This plant is currently grown in virtually every tropical country, many states export the fruits to their neighbors, as a result of which they replenish their treasury. However, the spread of bananas is due not only to the fact that they have a sweet taste. They include a large number of vitamins, they help cope with many diseases:

  1. High pressure. Fruits are able to normalize the pressure, their use is especially recommended for those who suffer from excess weight.
  2. Gastritis. Of course, completely cure this disease does not work, however, unlike other plants, bananas will not irritate the mucous membranes. Consequently, the patient receives the necessary amount of vitamins and thus does not cause harm to health.
  3. Edema formed as a result of cardiacinsufficiency. Banana not only supports blood circulation, but also normalizes water exchange. It should be noted that with small puffiness, the use of fruit may not be accompanied by taking medications.
  4. Diabetes. Fructose, contained in a banana, does not adversely affect the sick. In this case, using it as food helps to remove excess water from the body.

Of course, on this useful properties of bananas are notend, they can be used for migraines, lack of strength and a decrease in immunity associated with aging. But there is one disadvantage: the fruits are too high-calorie, so people who are trying to lose weight, they do not want to use them.

Miracle Stevia

tropical grass
Another tropical grass, sweet to taste, bearsname of stevia. Previously, it grew only in South America, but today it has spread across all continents. This is due to the fact that it has not just a pleasant sweet taste, but also many useful properties. This tropical herb does the most real miracles, because no medicine has managed so quickly and effectively to stop the development of cancer. This application of stevia does not end, it is used for diabetes, problems with blood pressure, with low immunity and other ailments.

Toxic Lipia

The next tropical grass, sweet to taste,is called a lip- pia. Despite the fact that it is quite often used in the people's treatment of certain diseases, its excessive use can lead to negative consequences. This is due to the fact that it includes not only a substance that is several times sweeter than sugar, but also toxic camphor. That is why its use in the food industry and folk treatment is not popular.

Magic Ginger

tropical plants Photo
Even in the tropics germinating ginger, which hasvery specific taste. If you eat a small slice, it may seem that it bitter. This is due to the fact that it includes gingerol. Useful properties of ginger are known to many people, and in most cases it becomes the most real savior for sea travelers and pregnant women. The fact that ginger can alleviate toxemia and seasickness, helps cope with vomiting spasms. And also it is used in the preparation of certain dishes.

Benefits and beauty - that's what properties possessall tropical plants, photos of which can be seen in this article. As already described above, they are all used in the treatment or prevention of many diseases, but their excessive use is fraught with negative consequences. Therefore, even with the intake of tasty and healthy food, one must know the norm.

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