In the nineties on TV became more oftento appear mysterious and strange blonde with an original manner of speaking and a specific facial expression. It has become a constant object of gossip and discussion. Unconventional personality did not leave anyone indifferent. However, in this article we are not talking about the character of the secular chronicle, but about the talented actress, director, screenwriter and TV presenter whose name is Renata Litvinova. The biography of this creative personality occupies an important position in contemporary Russian culture.

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Renata was born in Moscow, in a family of doctors. As a child, the future screenwriter read the booze, was fond of watching feature films, but did not like school at all. About her, as something causing longing and loneliness, later recalled the actress Renata Litvinova.


His father's family belonged to the ancient Tatarprincely family. Renate TV presenter was named after an aristocratic grandfather. However, the girl saw the girl quite rarely, although she always talks about him with great tenderness and love. This man left the family a year after the birth of one of the most extravagant personalities of our time. About how she lacked fatherly love, often recalls Renata Litvinov.

Biography of this extraordinary woman is alwaysextremely interested journalists. About the TV presenter tells with pleasure. But Renata Litvinova answers questions about her husbands and details of her private life rather cautiously.

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Biography, nationality, student years, herfirst love - all these moments are the subject of close attention to the indefatigable workers of the secular press. White spots in the life of an outstanding figure of the national cinema are often filled with the conjectures of journalists. Renata Litvinova herself speaks of her childhood as a period when she was left to herself most of the time: it was not easy to live on a doctor's salary, and the mother worked over the shift.

Despite the fact that the father of the TV presenter saw not sooften, as would like, about childhood and his relatives only the best and pleasant memories of Renat Litvinov keep. Biography, personal life and career of her mother were formed in the same way as millions of Soviet women. After the divorce, she never married, and the only thing that made up her life's meaning was the happiness of her only daughter. Litvinova's mother spent most of her time at work. She is a surgeon by profession. On the welfare of the family, however, the high work capacity of women was not particularly affected - money was chronically lacking.

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Vacation Renata usually spent with my grandmother onmaternal line. This woman was an original person, not devoid of a creative vein. In the grandmother's family there were Poles and Ukrainians, so, Russian, Tatar, Ukrainian and Polish blood flows in Litvinova's veins.

About the grandmother with pleasure tells RenataLitvinov. The biography, personal life, character and origin of this woman distinguished her from the majority of Soviet people. She spoke little about her father, but it is known that he was a white officer. She led a very active social life and therefore had many enemies. She also wrote poetry and tracked her grandfather, who, despite his advanced age, enjoyed success with women. Her grandmother's temper was extremely unbridled, and her appearance was unusually bright. Perhaps, in the formation of the personality of the future actress and TV presenter, this woman played a significant role.

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Holidays at my grandmother were happiness. Staying in school is hopeless loneliness. Like many future beauties, a rather awkward figure was in the transition age of Renata Litvinova.

Biography, height, weight, the presence of anyexternal flaws scandalous socialite lionesses are the subject of study of representatives of the yellow press. Renata Litvinova does not apply to women, in whose career appearance played an important role. But still it is worth saying that nature did not deprive her of beauty. Although, according to her own memories, she was too tall, angular, awkward when she was a child. Today the parameters of the TV host will envy, perhaps, any woman (height - 170 cm, weight - 58 kg).

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As a child, Renata was almost always alone - listeningat home radio plays, read Bunin's stories, Gogol's novels, and even took an interest in medical literature, which in the house, due to the professional belonging of the mother, was many. As for poetry, the next screenwriter was the closest to Lermontov's poems, in which the theme of loneliness is the leitmotif.

Children's hobbies

The actress Renata Litvinova, whose biographycontains interesting facts for journalists, prefers in his interviews to indulge in a bright artistic exposition of childhood memories. She went several times a week to a music school, which was not close to home. The road was tedious and tedious. Renata attended a dance ensemble, where she learned only the choreographic movements of the Georgian folk dance. She also worked in athletics. In sport, according to Litvinova herself, she did not show any special achievements. But it was he who brought up in her qualities such as will, diligence and purposefulness.

Under the pseudonym Rytheuu

It is worth going to the next question, whichdirectly refers not to a girl from an ordinary Soviet family, but to a well-known and vivid personality named Renata Litvinova. Biography, personal life, family and children's hobbies are topics that have already been or will be discussed in this article. But where did the work begin? And why suddenly the daughter of the surgeon decided to start writing?

In her teens, Renata began writingsmall stories. But for some reason, reading them to my friends and classmates, was embarrassed to name the real author. And so I used the pseudonym Rytheuu. His Renata borrowed from one Chukchi writer. Whether the listeners could assess the literary gift of the novice author, we do not know about that. It is only known that after graduation Renata decided to enter VGIK, to the script department, in order to learn the writing skills of professionals. Became a student of one of the most prestigious universities of the country she succeeded the first time.

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Student Renata Litvinova

Biography, personal life, photos and secrets of the stars - allthese are journalistic materials that will always be in demand. People are interested to know what a well-known personality in private life is. The more secrets, the more fanciful fantasies the biography of a star naturally grows. And in order to understand what Renata Litvinova is in ordinary life, it is better to listen to her own confessions than to read countless scandalous articles.

"Talent is beauty," she once saidRenata Litvinova. Biography, filmography and activities on television of this person will be considered below. But it is necessary to say a few words about that Litvinova, who was once not interested in anyone except her relatives. About that student who was the youngest on the course and looked at her classmates and teachers with enthusiastic eyes of a girl who had finished school yesterday. One of her teachers was the famous director Sergei Solovyov, who later became her friend and was preparing for the cult film "Assa" at that time. Classmates - Sergey Bashirov, Ivan Okhlobystin, Arkady Vysotsky. All of them were much older than Renata. And it was in the first year that she lost the feeling of loneliness, from which she suffered in childhood.

A secondary school is an institution in which talentmay occur, but it does not happen often. Here, non-ordinary and dissimilarity on others is not welcome. Therefore, in a school a gifted child feels often oppressed. Litvinov experienced such feelings in her childhood. And in a completely different way she began to feel herself in the circle of creative, talented people. It can be stated with certainty that the biography of Renata Litvinova - the person who made a definite contribution to the domestic cinema - began precisely within the walls of the Institute of Cinematography.

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Beauty is a talent

The first thing that came to mind newstudent, when she first cast a quick glance at those present in the audience, this is the thought "What are they old and ugly." Very quickly, the girl changed her mind, because the beauty for her was talent. She admired the erudition and abilities of her new friends and sought to keep up with them.

About Renat Litvinov's first love does not likespeak, because he believes that this topic is too intimate, and love can only be one. Loving is impossible many times. Love is not always joy and bliss, but also pain. But without it, a person is nobody. This is the position of Renata Litvinova about the main human feelings.

Personal life

The first stamp on the family status in the passportLitvinova appeared when she was twenty-nine. Her husband was film producer Alexander Antipov. About him, as well as the second wife, she never allowed herself to respond badly to Renata Litvinova. Her biography includes many iconic encounters and acquaintances, but not one person in her life responds negatively to the scriptwriter.

Marriage with Antipov did not last long. And soon Litvinova left his apartment and again started to lead an independent way of life, which, I should say, already had a lot of experience. Immediately after graduation, Renata Litvinova lived separately from her mother, in a rented apartment. Therefore, the divorce took with enviable steadfastness, without unnecessary emotions and spleen.

Several years after the first unsuccessful marriageRenata lived in another rented apartment, all alone. If you do not take into account a huge rat, who shared her shelter and behaved fearlessly enough. One of the colleagues once told a scriptwriter that having such a "pet" in the house is a very good sign, and that Litvinova will certainly become famous and rich. In those years, the domestic cinema was in a very deplorable state. But the prediction did come true. Renata Litvinova became one of the most famous and highly paid personalities in Russian cinema.

Her biography contains information about anothermarriage, the birth of a daughter. As for achievements in the professional field, this woman wrote more than ten scenarios, played thirty-four roles in the cinema. At different times Litvinova was involved in the theater, on television, directed music videos.

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The most famous films, in which Litvinov took part, include:

  • "Border. The taiga novel. "
  • The Berlin Express.
  • "Sky. Aircraft. Girl".
  • "It does not hurt me."
  • "Give myself in good hands."
  • "Rita's Last Tale."

Destructive for Renata Litvinova, who diddid not think about acting career, it was a meeting with Kira Muratova. The director liked the girl with unusual behavior, and she invited her to try. But even after Renata failed "casting", Muratova did not give up and wrote specifically for the young actress role. But the real fame of Litvinova was the script for the film "Country of the Deaf."

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