Chinese wisdom
Mysterious country China. In those days, when the tribes on the European continent were still running in the skins and were extremely cruel, the Celestial Empire was already at a high level of development of science, culture, and art. The ancient Chinese sages saw the essence of things and comprehended the truth. Chinese wisdom has grown from the depths of the centuries and remained relevant now.

Of course, in the history of this country, everything is not so smoothand unambiguously. But the most interesting is that the Chinese honor their history, and the state machine, created millennia ago, copes well with its task in our time. Despite the fact that they seemed to be building socialism, like us, it was easier for us to destroy everything and begin again by stuffing the same bumps, and in China they never gave up proven "developments". As life has shown, Chinese wisdom perfectly fits not only the realities of modern China - they are effective for humanity as a whole.

ancient Chinese wisdom

Yes, from the average productthe inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom are very different. First, their religious beliefs originate from Confucius - a specific person, a sage. He collected and systematized many of the ancient Chinese wisdoms that formed the basis for representing the Chinese about life. It is interesting that in every moralizing parable there is a concrete actor. The Chinese do not say "One person once lived ...", they say: "Someone lived in such a village ..." - and they practically call the street. This suggests that people believe and treat such stories not just as abstract reasoning, but as real events that have taken place and led to concrete consequences.

Here are some Chinese wisdom:

  • The one who was your teacher at least one day, honor your whole life.
  • Learn, no matter young or old, you will learn how to become a master.
  • When you remove one defect, you acquire a dozen virtues.

To the wisdom of the Chinese carry and signs. They do not consider this an idle superstition. For example, the biggest luck was when bats started to nest in the attic house. This indicated that wealth and luck would soon come to the house. And it was not recommended to kill the butterflies that had flown into the house, they were messengers of changes in their personal lives (bright), in their career (dark). The same applied to the grasshopper.

Chinese folk wisdom
Chinese wisdom speaks of the laws of life,respect for the older generation, about faith in the imminent victory of justice. This is the basis of Chinese virtue. If the West was greeted with assertiveness and the ability to achieve the goal, no matter what it cost, in the Middle Kingdom it was believed that attempts to "pierce the wall with the head" were highly useless. It is necessary to wait, when the destiny to you will be indicated by a sign, then it is possible to act actively. Therefore, the Chinese are so attentive to the hints and signs that life throws at them. Seriously, they will accept the recommendations of the astrologer. Of course, there are positive examples of such life approaches, but there are also negative ones. Everyone chooses by themselves, in every business it is important to take the first step - this is the Chinese folk wisdom.

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