The composition on the theme "Friendship" is, perhaps, the mosta frequently encountered task in the school curriculum. And its implementation should be approached not as an ordinary rewriting (it's no secret to anyone that almost no one composes the work today), but as an opportunity to share their thoughts.

composition on the theme of friendship

Features of the genre

In fact, the essay on "Friendship" is the samethe same as the essay. Essai translates as "essay, trial, attempt." There is such a genre as an essay, and he means writing a small piece, free by composition.

Already these features determine whatbe an essay: brief, concise, interesting. But do not take this as a recommendation to limit yourself to two small paragraphs. It is necessary to write a little, but on a subject - that is it is concrete. It is important to express your own, individual impressions, thoughts and thoughts. In terms of function and volume, the essay may border on a small philosophical essay. Associations, aphorisms, imagery, the antithesis of thinking, free style - this is what is characteristic of the genre of the essay, which is in touch with the composition. In fact, this is the simplest genre in which schoolchildren can express themselves. They are not familiar with such concepts as digest, review, scientific article, report note, etc. But the essay essay is the best that can only be chosen for the disclosure of their creative writing abilities.

composition according to plan

Rules of work

The writing on the theme "Friendship" should havea certain structure. In addition, it is desirable to follow certain principles in the writing process. In order to make it easier to formalize it, it is worth remembering the rules that will help in this.

So, the composition completely denies rewriting. In no case can not plagiarize - it is very important to be able to state exactly the information that the author himself owns. This is the value of the essay. Especially in the case of a given topic. Moral and ethical essays should be written independently, without any information or orientation assistance - only so it turns out to write sincerely.

But schoolchildren can turn to somesources to direct their thoughts in the right direction. This will be a good help and, you might even say, a benchmark. However, the statements, conclusions and ideas should be purely personal.

Essay on the scheme

The writing on the plan is the easiest to write. If it is, then why not rely on it? And we do not mean the plan that looks like the "entry - the main part - the conclusion" scheme, but a slightly different one. For example: "Introductory part - 2-3 sentences on what friendship is, plus a quotation of a famous writer. The main part is to explain the main problem. To touch upon such concepts as "trust", "reliability", "loyalty", explain their importance and how they come into contact with friendship, "etc. A detailed plan is needed that could concretize the thoughts. So the chances of getting lost in your own ideas are reduced to a minimum. In addition, it is possible to compare what was written with the plan drawn up - this also helps to focus.

an essay about

The most important thing is to understand and identify the problem

In general, an essay on a topic related tomoral and ethical concepts, must come from the heart. In the journalism there is a rule: one can not write about what the author has not the slightest idea, because his ignorance in one or another sphere will simply spoil the article. The reader will get the impression that the text was written by an amateur.

Composition on "Friendship" ("Love", "Faithfulness"etc.) can be written well and beautifully only if the person himself understands what is hidden under these familiar words. You can make mistakes in terms of structuring the essay. However, if the essay itself is written dryly, it is trivial, and there is no semantic load in it - it will not be interesting. The text should touch the reader's soul and make him think. And it does not matter who will read the essay - teacher, classmate, parent or editor of the magazine.

So writing an essay is not just a practice of spelling and grammar skills, but also an opportunity to prove yourself as an author and, perhaps, a future publicist.

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