Parents of schoolchildren often face the fact thatIt is necessary to help your child write his homework. A rather difficult task is an essay on "After the Rain." Of course, first you need to see the work itself, in order to understand what you need to write about. And then you need to help your son or daughter write advice.

composition on "After the Rain"

How to write a composition according to a picture

The composition on the theme "After the Rain" (Gerasimov) is neededwrite on the basis of such creations. That is, one should follow the narrative plan, take into account all the details and nuances depicted in the picture. In every artwork there are secrets and riddles in which everyone can see something of their own. Therefore, there is no definite standard of description, this task is rather creative, and it opens the gates of free imagination and the expression of one's thoughts.

Composition on "After the Rain" for schoolchildren

Of course, sometimes students need help writing. To write an essay on the subject "After the Rain" (Gerasimov), the following options can be taken as a basis.

composition on the theme "After the Rain" Gerasimov


It seems to me that the artist wanted this pictureto convey your mood and state of mind. Therefore, my work on "After the Rain" (Gerasimov gave a lot in his work) will be a guess about what was in the heart of the artist at the time of writing the picture.

The foreground, as if, is covered with a shroud. Apparently, so the artist wanted to display his abstract look at the surrounding world. Also, the summer terrace is beautifully reflected, where Gerasimov certainly loved to spend his free time, taking inspiration from the beautiful garden.

Brilliant in the sun in the distance, in the background,leaflets as if they want to convey the artist's idea that the future is beautiful and multifaceted. Everything in this picture points to a wonderful taste and ability to combine different colors.

Personally, I really like this picture. You can look at it differently each time, revealing more and more new details.


Gerasimov in his work "After the Rain"a piece of his beautiful and beautiful world. A cozy and sound verandah in the foreground indicates that a person very much likes to take pity on nature and draw energy from it for new creations. Heavy drops that lay on the surface of the terrace and shine in the sun, coming out from behind the clouds, create a dreamy and thoughtful mood. In the foreground there is also a bouquet of flowers on the table. He pours into the picture the liveliness and the sensations of the scent of rain.

In the background there is a garden that looks likea heavenly corner. Everything in this picture seems to smell sweet, conveys the mood of nature and makes you feel as if I myself am there. Under the weight of raindrops, the branches lowered their crowns a little and created a cozy and harmonious atmosphere. Looking at the painting "After the Rain", you want to breathe the scent of nature, which inspired the work of art.

I think that this painting on canvas Gerasimov wanted to convey bright, filled with purity and fresh emotions, which are reflected in every drop of the last rain.

composition on the theme "After the Rain" by Gerasimov

Composition-description on "After the Rain" for high school students

Of course, the text for the high school childshould contain simple combinations and phrases. Therefore, it is necessary to tell your child what descriptions to use. The idea by which you can write an essay on the theme "After the Rain" may be the following.


In his painting the artist passed in all colorsemotions and your mood. Therefore, I really want to write an essay on "After the Rain" (Gerasimov is a wonderful artist), describing exactly all his impressions. The picture gives a sense of presence in this atmosphere.

In the foreground you can see the porch, wet from the rain,which seems to smell of moisture and freshness. A beautiful and colorful bouquet, standing on the table, evokes a sense of joy and inspires creativity. The inverted cup, which is located near the vase, indicates that there were strong gusts of wind.

In the background there is a piece of a garden thatas if it smells of freshness and a beautiful aroma of greenery. Under the weight of the drops, the branches dropped, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the garden. I look at the picture and feel the smell of fresh air, flowers, earth and leaves from her. The image is alive, as if it had just been there and felt all the charm in person.

I believe that the author of the work of art fully expressed all feelings, emotions and a rainy, languid mood.

Approximately this may be an essay on the painting "After the Rain" (Gerasimov) for a high school student.

composition on the theme "After the Rain"

Structure of works on the picture

Of course, the composition on the subject "After the Rain" should in any case have its own structure. The approximate plan of writing can be as follows:

  • Introduction (general description of the work).
  • The main part consists of a description of the details of the foreground and background of the work of art.
  • In conclusion, you can write about whether the artist turned out to convey his mood and what emotions remained after viewing the picture.

Of course, you can include in the plan some other items, but the above are the main ones.

What to do with accents

When writing an essay on "After the Rain,It is necessary to pay attention to the smallest details. This will indicate the student's concentration and his creative abilities. In this artwork, you can focus on the following factors:

  • A table with a vase and a glass.
  • Fallen from the weight of water branches in the garden.
  • Color combinations in the picture.
  • Common emotions from the kind of artwork that felt when looking at it.

composition description on "After the Rain"

How to add colors to the picture description

It is difficult to answer unequivocally how to do itinteresting description of the picture. Each person has his own perception and vision of surrounding factors. Therefore, the most important thing is not to be afraid to express your emotion completely. The description of the pictures opens the possibility to create without limits. Therefore, there are no obstacles in this kind of school work.

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