What is interesting about the south of the "black continent"? The countries of South Africa - how many are there? And what interesting facts about them you can tell? This will be discussed in the article.

South Africa: list, approaches to zoning

By name, it is easy to guess that thisthe region is located in the southern part of the "black continent". All countries of South Africa have roughly the same natural and climatic conditions, as well as similar features of historical development.

Geographically, South Africa begins souththe watershed plateau of the Zambezi and Congo rivers. According to the regionalization of our UN planet, the countries of South Africa are only five states (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland). According to another classification, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, as well as the exotic island state of Madagascar are also included in this historical-geographical region.

Listed below are all the countries of South Africa with their capitals (according to the UN version). The list of states is submitted in order of decreasing the area of ​​the territory:

  1. South Africa (Pretoria).
  2. Namibia (Windugu).
  3. Botswana (Gaborone).
  4. Lesotho (Maseru).
  5. Swaziland (Mbabane).

The largest state in the region

South Africa (South Africa) - a multicultural and multinational state, one of the most developed on the mainland in terms of economics. Often this republic is called a "rainbow country".

countries of South Africa

The most interesting facts about South Africa:

  • every third extracted diamond on Earth is extracted from the depths of this particular country;
  • in South Africa, the world's first operation for the transplantation of the human heart (in 1967);
  • citizens of the republic are endowed with broad rights in the use of weapons for the purpose of protection, up to and including the flamethrower;
  • South Africa ranks third in the world in terms of drinking water quality;
  • one of the traditional South African dishes - steaks from monkey meat;
  • the wife of Nelson Mandela (the eighth president of South Africa) was the "first lady" twice (previously she was the wife of the president of Mozambique).

Swaziland - the smallest country in South Africa

Swaziland is a small state in the south of the continent, which borders only two countries - South Africa and Mozambique.

South Africa countries list

The most interesting facts about Swaziland:

  • the head of this state is the real king, whom in Swaziland is very loved and honored (his portraits can be seen here even on the clothes of local residents);
  • Swaziland is a very poor country, but the roads here are of excellent quality;
  • the oldest mathematical work was discovered precisely in this country;
  • the state is leading the world in terms of the rate of HIV spread, the carrier of the virus is every fourth adult;
  • In Swaziland, a husband and wife (or wives) live in different homes.

The countries of South Africa are extremely interesting and colorful. There really is something to be surprised and amazed!

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